3 Ways to Get Your Man to Worship You


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  • How are you unavailable to your man?
  • What wounds are you holding onto from the distant and recent past?
  • What unforgiveness do you have in your heart?
  • How stressed are you?  How tense is your body?
  • How often are you on auto-pilot and distracted at home?
  • What ways are you withholding tender-loving kindness and affection from yourself?
  • When was the last time you cultivated pleasure in your body?
  • When was the last time you turned yourself on and activated your sensuality alone?
  • How hard are you on yourself?
  • How have you been showing yourself appreciation?
  • How are you receiving support from like-minded, vulnerable women who want to keep you accountable to your Feminine Heart, and are also vastly compassionate & never judgmental?


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Let's love more in 2017!

Love, monica