The Radical Self-Care Reset Challenge

  •  Download and print your booklet. Read thru the booklet as a way of getting your Self-Care juices flowing. Notice what items attract you, and what repels you. Don’t judge yourself. This is a judgement free zone. Explore the ideas here with curiosity.


  • I know you will be tempted to just look at the booklet on your phone or device, but it is MOST OPTIMAL if you print it, and have a tangible copy you can see, feel, touch, and write on.  (I love to use this booklet several times a year to check in with myself and be reminded of areas of self-care I may have forgotten or neglected. It is packed with great idea and very thorough. I also love it as a way of celebrating how far my self-care has come, and seeing all the wonderful, effective ways I have learned to nourish and care for myself on every level.)


  • Take some time to reflect and look into your deepest heart. This doesn’t have to be a week long retreat away. You can do this in the shower, or driving to work, or doing the dishes. This is about attitude and intention more than anything. It doesn’t have to be hard unless you make it hard!

Ask yourself these questions and let the answers bubble up from your Heart. it is ok if you do not have immediate answers! The idea is to let the truth bubble up. Often we are completely out of touch. We have stuffed the truth way down deep inside, and it can take some time for the soul to thaw, and release the answers we seek. However, it is universal law, that if you ask, you will receive.Even if you must wait patiently for what you seek. Don’t take my word for it! Try it and see for yourself! 


    • What is stuck in my life?
    • What is dead in my life?
    • Where in my life am I withered, numb, depleted, or neglected?
    • What wounds or un-forgiveness am I holding onto?
    • What brings me joy?
    • How am I cultivating the art of creativity in my life?
    • How am I cultivating my pleasure?
    • How am I cultivating fun?
    • How am I cultivating and prioritizing rest and relaxation this winter?
    • What am I believing about myself that is causing me pain?
    • What am I believing about Radical Self-Care that is holding me back?


  • As you begin to get clarity on your questions, write them down. You don’t have to go into great detail unless you want to. Bullet point lists are enough.  The idea here is that we are learning how to make the Inner Work accessible and do-able on an every day level. Because, again, how often do you have the time and resources to stop your life and take a retreat just to do your Inner Work?? No. This requires a new approach. A soft approach. Let it flow. Let it be easy. When you get your answers, its time to ask another question to your heart:


    • Am I willing to release these things that are no longer serving me?
    • Am I willing to let go?
    • Am I willing to try new things?
    • Am I willing to receive?
    • Am I willing to accept the possibility that I just might be worthy of a joyful life, and worthy of the Self-Care that will make it possible.

(If I am NOT yet willing, can I admit that I would LIKE to be willing? Can I open to the possibility of being willing to release my pain, and painful beliefs and patterns?)


  • Choose 3 ways you are willing and able to re-connect to yourself and your Radical Self-Care practice for the month of February, or even the rest of this winter. 

Take note of how these practices affect you! Give thanks for the good that comes of these practices! Celebrate your Self-Love! Give thanks for your willingness to show up for yourself! Look at the positive ripples your small actions have in your life and the world around you. Do not let the fruit of your Self-Care go unacknowledged, or un-celebrated. Energy flows where attention goes. Use even the smallest acts as a way of generating positive momentum in your life.


  • Share some of your insights, and your chosen practices in the INHABIT Facebook group, OR in the comments section under Episode 13 on my website.  

As if you needed any MORE incentive to inject more love into your life- if you share- I will enter you into a drawing to win a free yoni egg + yoni egg activation session with me, which is $150 value. I am passionate about the benefits of the yoni egg practice as a part of total Holistic Feminine Self-Care, and I love to share this goodness! I’ll also throw in some happy heart mantras, cards, stickers, and magnets that I created with uplifting words over photos I took. You can always check out yoni eggs or happy heart mantras on my website if you are interested. 😃

Drawing will take place on March 15th, 2017.


Ok! That’s it for this episode, and for the Radical Self_Care Reset Challenge. Will you accept? Will you take the opportunity to integrate your core values into your life and start this year off with a powerful momentum of greater LOVE? I sure hope so!