What people are saying about working with me...



"Monica is a better listener than any therapist I have ever had!"

- Lila, Mama, Consultant, Speaker, Social Worker

"Thank you for spending such quality time with me. I loved talking with you and our chat invigorated me like no other. My husband was happy because he knew how good of a mood you put me in! I love being uplifted by coaching instead of brought down by therapy....I understand how necessary it is, but I've been doing that kind of work for years now and this feels so good! So thank you!"

-Holly, Mother, Social Worker, Activist, Educator

"Monica Ballard is the real deal.  You are in for a treat.  This is a woman who works from her Soul.  Channeling a lifetime of deep learning, Spirit Tending & cultivating an ability to move through the world in a way that is authentic, brave, and intimately connected to Divine Guidance and Source.  She will help you do the same.  
If you desire to have greater harmony, intimacy and depth in your relationships - you've found your guide.
If you desire to shift your Life into a place that is more in alignment with your heart, your unspoken Dreams & to transform your Being from the inside out - Welcome.  You're in powerful & loving hands.  
You will leave this woman's presence Reborn.  Re-charged.  Re-newed.  Ready to step into all the good things that await.  "

~ Amy, Mother, Writing Coach, Yoga Instructor


 Monica is an amazing practitioner that is very intuitive and loving. Not only does she provide a great massage, more importantly, she is an excellent guide and life coach.  She has guided me through a challenging transition over the last two years, with her keen insight and compassionate heart.  She has been of great benefit to me in stepping into my own being and shedding the negative baggage of the past. Monica is a gift that should not be missed. I recommend her with out any hesitation or reservation.
 ~Paul, attorney at law

"I used to have (and still work on transforming) lots of overwhelming jealousy and anxiety. I was using medication for anxiety, and hurting relationships with my jealousy.
Monica has given me specific, personalized tools; mantras, breathing techniques, meditations, self care ideas/goals and has helped me harness radical honesty with myself and the people that I love. Now when jealousy arises I am able to transform it and keep going!  I feel so much lighter, happier and open. My partner has also noticed that I am less defensive and more confident and open.  I am forever grateful for Monica's love, support and guidance. It is truly helping me shift into a more positive, productive space in life!"

~Michelle, Mother & Real Estate Agent

"Hey Monica! I'm so stoked to receive my third egg from you! I have a yellow jade and Moonstone that I absolutely adore. I've been recommending your shop to my friends. You're prices are more than reasonable and the stone quality is incredible. The healing I have experienced, especially from the yellow jade has been life changing. Thank you for doing what you do."

"I have been transformed from the inside out since I started working with Monica. A perpetual victim, martyr, and naysayer, she had her work cut out when she took me on as a client!
Monica has taught me to re-frame my words and thoughts in such a way that my actions have naturally followed. She believes in me more than I believe in myself. And she is the first person I want to call when breakthrough comes. Since working with her I've stopped feeling like a victim and stopped acting like one. And the affirmations I say now in the morning and at night are because of her. Less than a month after reciting my mantras about being open to receive a better job, I received a promotion!
I can't adequately describe how valuable she has become in my life, but I will say this: Sherpa, coach, friend, guide, yoda, mystic, teacher are all titles she deserves and more.
If you're looking to change or just become a better, more grounded version of yourself, look no further. You've found your life guide in Monica."

~ Annie H., RN BSN

"I met Monica in Arcata about a year ago, when I was going through the most difficult time of my life.  My niece and I had been talking about yoni eggs, so we called Monica, and just by chance she had a cancellation minutes before.  I immediately loved her enthusiasm and her knowledge transfer, so when I learned she is also a life coach, I thought I'd give her a go.  I'd been working with another life coach who was very goal oriented, but because I was already so anxious, the goal-setting was really sending me into a tizzy.  Monica's approach is much different, and we focused on tapping into my divine feminine power through radical self-care.  And we have spent a lot of time "working on" tuning into my heart's deepest desire.  My appointments with Monica have mainly been bi-weekly, and at times during very rough spots once a week.  Monica really gets me, and I always feel heard and held.  She has been a main part of my healing over this last year, and her help and expertise have been a gift from God.  An unexpected benefit I've gained from my work with Monica is that I trust my intuition more than I ever have, and I also love and admire myself very deeply, which is something I wouldn't have said a year ago.  I love Monica and her down-to-earth, funny, tuned-in personality.  I recommend her services highly, and without reservation."

~Tess C. , Financial Advisor

"Aloha Miss Monica, From the depths of my heart, I would like to thank you for the gifts in which you offer our world. Your words, actions and constant understanding deserves to always be acknowledged and appreciated by those that you give so generously to. Please know that your work has changed my life. Your advice stands steadfast and true in how I've related intimately with my current partner and aided me in compassionately closing the door on my previous relationship. I am openly communicating with the same man I met on my Uncle's farm last year with shared principals to stand upon in a monogamous relationship. We have been happy, trusting and thriving in our long distance relationship. I love and appreciate you dearly." ~Hana, Healer & Teacher

"Working with Monica has been such a joy! She has helped me reach into my depths and accept pains of my past that I have never before been able to resolve. Monica pulls beautifully from so many earth bound, energetic, spiritual, and historical sources, offering a Worldly perspective that inspires me every day! Because of Monica I pray for and have faith in my highest self and know that everything, joyous and challenging and in between, offers opportunity to encounter myself more deeply. And while I have heard of and used mantras from time to time, the mantras and activities Monica has shared with me have been life changing and life affirming. Thank you Monica for your wisdom, insight, and friendship."

~Sadie, Autism and special needs educator

"Monica is so good at deciphering what I am really feeling & needing in the moment and reflecting that back to me to help me see it!"

~Falicia, Business Owner

What people are saying about receiving my bodywork...

"Best massage I've ever had. Period ❤. "  ~ m. dunn, LMT

"I have been receiving massage since I was 16. I have been a full time massage therapist and instructor for over 20 years. Monica is one of my favorite healers both for her great hands-on skills, compassionate heart, no B.S. mind and the quality of personal soul development/magick she brings to the table!"

~md, integrative massage therapist

"Best massages ever! No one compares in this area!"

~Kim, LCSW

"After a healing experience with Monica Ballard I lay peacefully on her able unable to find the words to describe how amazing I was feeling and how grateful I am to know this goddess. Then it came to me: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!"

~Bonnie, Mother & Entrepeneur