Starting February 12th, 2017


A 6 Week Online Course to create deeper connection & intimacy in your relationship.

I believe if you're reading this, you have a relationship with a man you care deeply about. You love him.  You don't want to distrust him or feel critical of him all the time. You don't want to be the one doing all the "work" on the relationship. You don't feel sexy when you nag him.  Policing your man probably depletes your desire for him too, right? 


Do you long to feel inspired by your partner the way you once were? 


Do you feel bored, numb, and find yourself checking out or running on auto-pilot in your life? 


Is your sex life lukewarm, or even non-existent- but you don’t know how to change it? 


Have you started to believe that this mundane disconnection is the norm for marriage or long term relationships? 


Have you lost touch with your creativity, joy, or desire?


I have great news for you! 

You can shift the dynamics of your relationship into a place of  soul-tingling intimacy, fulfilling connection, even rekindled passion & excitement- all while feeling more trusting, relaxed, and powerful, and I am going to show you how!

I believe that our intimate relationships can be our greatest source of healing, growth, joy, and connection in our busy, often over-full lives. 

What is #LiftingMyLove?

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#LiftingMyLove consists of:


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Course Dates: February 12th---> March 26th, 2017


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Hello & Thank You so much for being here! I really hope you enjoy this mini-workshop!

Funny Disclaimer:  I am new to using zoom for webinars. I did not know that I was still on camera when I was screen-sharing the slides! I couldn't see myself on the screen, so I thought no one else could see me either! I didn't realize I had been on the screen until I downloaded the replay. Thank god I wasn't picking my nose!   So anyway, please ignore me in the little video box obliviously fidgeting: putting on chapstick, playing with my hair, bobbing around, waving my hands all around, and making crazy faces. HA!


Love, monica



Praise for #LiftingMyLove

“Even tho I didn’t tell my partner that I had signed up for #LiftingMyLove, just receiving the emails every day put a spark back into our relationship. I didn’t even complete the exercises every day, but as I put more thought into what I was putting out toward my beloved, I noticed we were able to find a sweetness together that I was really craving and missing. Participating in #LiftingMyLove was a wonderful way to discover the ways I was on auto-pilot in our relationship, and to remind me of how valuable our partnership & deep love is in my life. I recommend this program for anyone who is longing for renewed closeness with their man!

— Cathy

“I had two favorite exercises in #LiftingMyLove. First, I really enjoyed the heart opening exercise. I am still dropping everything I’m doing when my hubby gets home and giving him a warm hug! Second, I had amazing success and loved just talking to my husband about anything but work. We had great chats and great sex afterwards!!”

— Grace

“Before #LiftingMyLove, I felt like the beliefs you taught in this series were already in me, like a sleeping giant. I needed someone to come along and help me wake it up!! I love my life and I love my husband, but life can become routine and mundane to the point that meditation and self-reflection gets lost. I didn’t take the time to search for that caring, loving, powerful woman that I knew was in there. Now, I can channel good loving energy to myself, my husband and friends because I feel I have so much to give and the tools to engage it!!

— Marie

“I think the most wonderful thing is that after #LiftingMyLove I feel like I awakened the woman that I want to be. Beautiful, strong, sexual, spiritual!

— Steph