Do you recognize yourself in this story, sister?


Do you recognize yourself in this story, sister?

Hey Gorgeous, 💖

What's up with you babe?! 😚

I was texting with a friend today about coming to this practice series I’m offering that starts tomorrow evening, and something she said got me thinking.

She was saying that committing to 5 evenings is really hard bc her hubby likes her to be home, and she’s already got a super full life & schedule.

And we were laughing about this together and it got me thinking about all the times I have urges to do something for myself but I don’t, and in one way or another, I choose to spend that time with my man instead. 

This might mean that instead of choosing to go upstairs, take a bath, and unwind from a week with an overload of intense communication, I stuff my feelings down and watch 4 hours of netflix instead. Because somehow I think this is more pleasing to my partner. 🤨🤔

Or I might be getting serious messages that my body needs some exercise and movement, but instead of voicing that out loud and then doing some yoga or taking a walk- I say nothing, ignore my body, and get sucked into the mundane evening routine. 🙄

Maybe it’s spending yet another day off with my man instead of finally getting lunch with that dear friend I haven’t seen face to face in 3 months. 😧

So what is this thing we’re doing ladies??

I know we want to spend quality time with our partners, especially in this busy life. 

I also know that it’s really easy to use that as an excuse to avoid MYSELF.  

As much as women say they want time for self-care, and balance, and wellness, and they want more support- 

we are the first ones to do some undercover sh*t like focus ALLLLLLL our attention on others so we have an EXCUSE not to come👏 home 👏to👏 ourselves👏. 

I’m calling bullsh*t, sister. 

I ’m just gonna say it, that I am so tired of us abandoning ourselves and then blaming it on the fact that we are 'sooo needed' and 'soooo much more important' in other people’s lives than we are to OURSELVES. 

When you are a good friend to yourself you are softer, more receptive. Less cynical. Less discourage-able. Juicier.

When you cultivate your interests and you take great care of yourself,  sexiness just drips off you and your magnetism is off the charts! 💃

When you have fun and do things that interest you, you become soooo irresistibly magnetic! Your partner is always super turned on and devoted to you when you are radiating joy.🔥💋😎

Another quick story...
My partner’s grandma is in her late 80’s and she’s still very happily married. The love and respect in their marriage are so inspiring to me and it feels really rare and special compared to the boring, enmeshed, passionless and lifeless relationships I see so much of these days. 

She told me that when her kids were little, she started acting in plays at night. Her hubby would come home from work and put the kids to bed, and she would go out and act and expand her joy and creativity.  

He didn’t want her to just stay home with him to keep the peace! He wanted her to thrive! To be inspired! To have fun! To fill her own cup so that when she came home she would have plenty to share. Now THAT is sexy!!!

What is good for you, is good for the people who love you. #saythatagain

So, if you don’t use your partner as an excuse for why you can’t create more:

  • Joy

  • Personal growth

  • space for what you love 

  • friend time

  • time to learn and expand yourself

  • Exercise

  • White space 

What other thing are you allowing to get in the way??  Work? Kids? Aging parents? Money??

Comment below and let me know what’s landing with you, beautiful one. ♥️

So if you’re ready for a spark, some inspiration, and some new and incredible tools, I still have space for you in the practice series starting tomorrow evening.

I will be sharing practices from the training I am in currently, to become an Ambassador of the Desilets Method of psycho-sexual re-integration. 

This is especially for you if you are looking for greater levels of health, increased energy, wellness, emotional mastery, and especially increased wellness & sensitivity in the area of your feminine sexuality. 

Another invitation! 🤗

The 4 Week Book Club + Practice Circle is OPEN for enrollment!! This is a virtual experience and so you can participate from anywhere! 

We are reading the book Desire, by my teacher and the creator of the Desilets Method, Dr. Saida Desilets.  We will discuss and then do some practice together, to relax the body and hear what she saying to us. 

This book may be small and quick to read thru, but it's packed with provocative and powerful ideas!

Our discussion + practice circle meetings will be happening over the zoom video chat beginning on Friday, February 22nd @ 11 am pst. The calls will be recorded. 

There are a printable Playbook and a private online chat on mighty networks as well!

The cost is $60 + the book which is about $12 on Amazon.

I really hope you’ll join me!

You can sign up for the book club here.

If you’re curious, check out this podcast interview I did with Saida here. I am so honored to be working with this incredible being for the freedom and sovereignty of all beings everywhere!! #livingmydreams 😍

I love you!



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