As you become who you are meant to be, what you are meant to do will fall like a path of rose petals before you.
— Marianne Williamson

This concept has completely changed the way I relate to my life. 

There was a time, when I felt lost or unsatisfied with my life or who I was, that I would think,  "I just need a makeover (on my body, or in my space)."

Maybe I would feel better if I just had something NEW. Or maybe I would feel like my real self after a round of P90X and expensive supplements or shakes. The thing is, even if I felt better for a time, it would never really last.  

The external circumstances would come and go, the pounds would come and go, and yet my inner climate didn’t respond the way I thought it should. Was there really no hope?  

In a consumer culture that profits from our sense of lack, I believe it's a bit harder to uncover a more authentic, substantial  way of seeing, inner-standing, accepting, shifting, changing, and becoming. 


The outer world is always, on some level, a reflection of the inner world. 

It makes sense then, that if we shift the inner- the outer will naturally follow suit.


So what does this mean…becoming who we are meant to be?


I believe that we are meant to know that we are whole, good, loved, and worthy. That we are perfectly imperfect. That each of us are a unique expression of Divine Love here in human form.


How can we BE what we do not BELIEVE? 


When we have a belief, evidence supporting our belief will appear in our lives. This is true whether our belief is fundamentally true or false.  


Have you tried this?  

What if you practiced strengthening the muscle of your belief?


Your belief that there is a path for you to know and love yourself just as you are right now. Your belief that there is a path for you to offer your unique gifts to the world and be completely delighted and fulfilled, all while making the world a brighter, better place. 


I invite you to practice believing.


To believe is to become. 


Believe beloved,  and watch the evidence appear before you, like a path of rose petals at your feet.

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