I’m 32 weeks pregnant. 

In the last 7 months I’ve completely changed my life in order to create space for my growing family. The truth is, I am setting things into motion that I’ve been dreaming on for years. 

Sounds perfect right?  Like I should just be glowing with gratitude and skipping along with joy every day?  

The reality is that this pregnancy has brought me to my own personal edges in many ways. I have spent much of it feeling less than joyful, or even grateful. It has tested my willingness to flow with change, tested the trust and faith I have in my partner (and relationships in general), trust in my body, trust in the gifts I offer through my business; and generally tested the trust I have in my own path and purpose in the world. 

At some past point I might’ve thought that all these less than gooey feelings meant I was sucking at life, and on the wrong path. 

One morning last week I was feeling especially stretched, chafed, and worn out. I realized that I was feeling too grumpy and overwhelmed to sit down to work. I curled up on the couch with my half coffee-half teechino and my journal and started to write. 

An hour later I had poured out my heart onto the pages; all my fears, my doubts, my insecurities, my hopes, visions, and requests. I felt the spirit of peace settle over me. I felt  able to move forward and start my day. 

This whole experience brought on some illumination as well.

Whatever we are building in life, or in business- cannot thrive effectively without the self-care practices behind the scenes.  

I can recognize this now as the Wisdom of Life. 

The practices aren’t a magic pill; a way to maintain the same old stressful grind.  

We are actually re-programming ourselves. We are learning new ways of being and doing in the world. We are un-learning the old ways that do not include our Inner Wisdom, rest, and feeling our feelings. 

Even as we practice, even as we re-program, un-learn, and re-learn, the tides of stress and anxiety rise and threaten to pull us into their currents. 
This happens again and again and again.

At some point, I realize I’m suffering and I check in with what I’m thinking, believing, and doing. At that point I can baby step my way back into my personal power.


The stress is a loving reminder to again turn toward myself. 

Can you relate to this in any way?

  • Have you ever felt guilty for feeling less than joyful?
  • Have you isolated yourself during times of stress because you feel guilty for even being stressed?
  • How often does it all feel like your fault?  
  • Have you felt discouraged that you can’t do the EXACT same self-care practices that really work for you
  • And when that guilt creeps in, does it feel like integrated self-care is a distant un-reachable dream?  
  • Do you feel guilt deep down when you get so tired of trying that you just don’t give a flying fuck anymore?

Here’s the deal. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with you, woman. 

There is no way to feel positive and motivated all the time. It doesn’t mean that you are a bad and ungrateful beezy.  

There is also no way for you to do the exact same self-care routine every single day because….LIFE HAPPENS.  It doesn’t mean that effective self-care is impossible. 

The last thing we need to do when we are most in need of support is fall into distance and isolation from the people who can accept us, comfort us, and lift us up- just as we are. 

In my passion to empower us as women to live wholly integrated lives where we are our best selves in the world, I have created a community for women.

In the INHABIT Self-Love Community Lab we learn, practice, and embody the skills of Radical Self-Care, including boundaries and communication for loving; Radical Honesty (and MORE!) so that we can live as the highest, most integrated expressions of ourselves. 

Because let's be honest, there is so much more to Radical Self-Care than just getting massages and eating your veggies. Sometimes even when we think we “know” what we should do, we still have trouble DOING IT.  

In our Community Lab we share the truth of our journeys and accept one another un-conditonally. We gather together to share about our experiences as we practice with our tools and  increase our skills. Even though we are different and unique, we share a common goal of living a life integrated with love-- toward ourselves, our loved ones, and the world. We have realized that we cannot do it alone. We are stronger in community. 

There is no “perfect time” to start weaving your Radical Self-Care practices into your daily life. Why not start today, just as you are? 

  • How much more effective will you be in life if you feel supported and loved rather than lonely, guilty, and isolated?
  • Energized rather than exhausted and burned out?
  • Confident that you are healthy and normal rather than less-than and defective? 

If you are ready to experience more freedom in your regular, daily life, join us in the INHABIT Self Love Community Lab for your free 30 Day Trial. After the trial period, you’ll be billed $59 per month until you cancel, and you are free to cancel at any time.

 Your Lab membership gives you access to our private virtual forum that lives off of Facebook and has its own app.  No more getting screen sucked while you try to practice self-care! In this forum you have the freedom to share at your convenience, and receive feedback and support from fellow sisters and myself.

We also meet once per month for a live sisterhood circle call.  All the calls are recorded, so even if you can't make it once or twice, you can still stay in the loop. I can even answer your questions if you aren't there live, and you can get the answers when you watch the replay!

We are meeting this Saturday April 22nd at 8:30am PST for our monthly call. This week we are exploring how our Radical Self-Care practices generate faith and optimism in our lives, and why it matters.

Our calls are a time of sharing and checking in, as well as practicing a few minutes of meditation together and a dose of inspiration. If you have something you’d like to unpack on the call, just shoot me an email wth the details before hand, or post during the call.  You can even make a quick video and send it to me if its easier! My passion is to support you in the areas you need it most! It has been a joy to see how effective this group coaching/mentoring format is for us modern goddesses and our busy lives! 

I would love to have you on the call!

Join us today. Get access to the Lab free for 30 Days at 

Ps.  Why is it called the “Lab”??  Because there is no perfect one-size-fits-all formula for Self-Care. We come together in devotion to PRACTICE, to EXPERIMENT, and to lift one another up on the journey!! We are not just learning together, we are BECOMING together. 

Do you have any questions?
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I am loving you & devoted to our collective success, xo



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