Hello Beautiful!

Today is Day 2 of 3 Days of New Year's Inspiration emails from me! Yesterday I talked about shifting our perspective as we move forward- to honor and include the jewels we have received from the challenging and painful seasons of our lives, rather than thinking we need to leave our 'old selves' behind as we start a new year. Why does this matter? It is powerful insight to realize that we already have SO MANY GIFTS to help us succeed in the areas we are desiring new growth and change! This feels so much different than thinking that our 'old selves' are nothing but dead weight that must be abandoned. Read yesterday's post here


I have a question for you. Have you ever had trouble figuring out what it is you really, truly desire?

Being a woman, and working with women, I've noticed how often we have no idea what we really, truly desire. Women have been conditioned for so long to ignore their soul-voice; to ignore their desires and impulses and to favor DIRECTION FROM OUTSIDE OF THEMSELVES instead. Over time we have forgotten what the soul-voice SOUNDS LIKE, and we do not easily hear Her when she calls.

So why is this a big deal?  Because being in touch with our desire is when we are most ALIVE! It's not just a conceptual thing, either. It's physical. When we drop down and listen to our soul-voice express Her various and vast desires, our pleasure pathways are activated in the brain! Our pleasure pathways are not important JUST for sex, but for pleasure and enjoyment of all kinds.  By ignoring our desires we have actually diminished our capacity to EXPERIENCE pleasure! Just like if we stop doing our pushups we lose our upper body strength.



Diminished desire and pleasure shows up as: boredom, numbness, rage, depression, discontent, low self-esteem, lack of financial abundance, body pain, low sex-drive, various addictions, cynicism, jealousy, envy, and generally judging others who seem happy, empowered or successful.

How can we create an amazing 2018 if we don't even know what we desire?!  Without access to our soul-voice and desires, we are playing small. We are not showing up fully. Hell, we are not even KNOWING ourselves fully.


Your mission, should you choose to accept it:  Uncover your most current, most relevant desires and give them room to grow and bear fruit.


Try this: Make a 'What Scares Me' List.  Write down everything that scares you.  The stuff that you're feeling afraid/resistant/nervous to write down is the real juicy stuff that needs to be written down the most.

Next, go down your list and for each item reflect: "What is the desire behind this?"

Why does this work?



It is more acceptable culturally for us to be playing the victim, engaged in worry and fear- rather than plugged in to our powerful desires and the natural confidence they create!

Once you have your list of uncovered desires, reflect on each item once more: "Am I willing to allow these desires to openly take root in my heart? Am I willing to RECEIVE these desires if they appear in my life?"


Now I would love to hear from you.

What desires have you uncovered?? What are some of the benefits you can see from leaving your desires hidden away behind your fears?  What are some of the benefits you can see from focusing on your desires rather than your fears?

Hit reply and let me know. Or come and share in the facebook group.


Loving you,



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