This is Day 3 of 3 NewYear's Inspiration Emails from me!

If you've been reading along, hopefully you've had one or two insights so far. Today I want to invite you to turn your insights into actions that could build momentum strong enough to carry you through the year!

One insight has the potential to change your whole life. But insight without action is worthless.


Your mission should you choose to accept it: Starting TODAY take teeny, tiny action steps born out of your insight.



* Take a moment right now to click here and answer these simple reflection questions about your insights from the last two emails. Simply writing down the insights you've had takes them out of the mental space and brings them into manifest reality. (I will send your responses back to you so you can print them out for your journal.)

* Plan your goals in 90 day blocks. Too much can happen in a year, and often times your focus needs to shift. What is most important right now may not be the most important in 6 months, 9 months or 12 months. Plan and review every 90 days.

* Harness the power of energy. Complete an Energy Audit. Draw a line down the center of a sheet of paper. On one side, list all the things that give you energy. On the other side, list all the things that drain you of energy. Then, pro-actively explore how you can eliminate the energy drains.  In some cases, you can TRANSFORM the energy drain into something that gives you energy. (If you feel stumped on how to do this, I can help! Email me or make a post in the fb group with your example.)

* Give yourself the gift of support. I know you're a badass. I know you're great at powering through. The thing about being a strong woman though, is that you miss out on having support that could dramatically improve your process and your joy factor.  One of my greatest pleasures is to support women who 'don't need help', and connect them with other women just like them. Right now my group coaching community, The IN{HABIT} Self-Love Community Lab is welcoming new members! We have a secret facebook group for sharing with one another and we meet for calls virtually once or twice per month. Message me to talk more about it, and check out the application here

* Be-friend your willpower instinct.  The IN{HABIT} Book of the Month for January is all about understanding and maximizing our WILLPOWER! Order your copy of the audiobook or the paperback today and share your favorite insights in our community facebook group! Find all the books we've read at Password: books


Now I want to hear from you! Which of today's exercises are most appealing to you? Take a small action step by hitting reply and letting me know!


Cheers to a 2018 full of prosperity, creativity, and power!




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