Hello Lovely,

Here we are again in the final days of another year. I am going to send you one email a day for the next couple days with the intention of inspiring you to end 2017 in a powerful way, and to create the most incredible 2018 possible!

I'm already seeing a flood of 'New Year, New You' advertisements everywhere I look offering promises of helping you leave your 2017, non-measuring-up-self in the dust where she belongs.


Now hey! I love the energy of a New Year and refreshed vision, but all too often our highest resolutions can turn feelings of hope-fullness into discouragement or even self-loathing when we fall short of our own expectations.


With this in mind, what if you tried something NEW this NEW YEAR?


Your mission should you choose to accept it: Bring your history with you to empower you, guide you, and assist you in creating the future of your dreams!


Try this: Take some time to journal about your history. Write out your successes as well as your struggles and challenges....in short, you are listing everything that has contributed to bring you where you are today.


When you stop to  reflect and acknowledge yourself and your story, suddenly the gifts you've picked up along your path become easier to see. Taking a moment to get perspective reminds us that some of our greatest strengths have been born directly out of challenges, suffering, and pain. 


There is a quote from Ken Wilbur which says,

"Transcend and Include"


In other words, you can transcend the lifestyle, habits, and patterns that you want to leave behind, but include the treasures you have collected along the way.


In a favorite book of mine, an allegory by Hanna Hurnard called 'Hinds' Feet on High Places', Much-Afraid is on a spiritual journey with her two companions, Sorrow and Suffering. All along the way Much-Afraid collects little stones and pebbles to remind her of the insights of the journey. One of my favorite part of the story is when Much-Afraid finally reaches the top of the mountain, and she is given a new name, Grace and Glory. But that's not all...

"...After that he said, 'Give me the bag of stones of remembrance that you have gathered on your journey, Grace and Glory.'  She took it out and passed it to him and then he bade her hold out her hands. On doing so, he opened the little purse and emptied the contents into her hands. Then she gasped again with bewilderment and delight, for instead of the common, ugly stones she had gathered from the altars along the way, there fell into her hands a heap of glorious, sparkling jewels, very precious and very beautiful. As she stood there, half-dazzled by the glory of the flashing gems, she saw in his hand a circlet of pure gold. 'O thou who wast afflicted, tossed with tempest and not comforted,' he said, 'behold I lay thy stones with fair colors.'  First he picked out of her hand one of the biggest and most beautiful stones- a sapphire, shining like the pavement of heaven, and set it in the center of the golden circlet. Then, taking a fiery, blood-red ruby, he set it on one side of the sapphire and an emerald on the other. After that he took the other stones- twelve in all- and arranged them on the circlet, then set it upon her head."


The pebbles she collected from her journey full of sorrow, suffering, and many challenges became the JEWELS IN HER MOTHERF*KING CROWN!!!  THAT IS SO DEEP!! YAAAASSSS TO THIS RIGHT HERE!!!



This is what I want in 2018 for you and for me.

I want us to transcend and include. I want us to reflect on the unexpected jewels we gathered on our path this year. I want us to include this wisdom and these insights as we create a life that is BETTER because of where we've been.

I want to hear about your jewels! Share them with me by hitting reply to this email, or even better- come share them in our facebook group!


Loving the old you and the new you,




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