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Hello Lovely, 
How is everything with you?

I've been thinking on trust a lot lately and I wanted to share a few things with you and get your feedback. 

I was seeing my acupuncturist for the first time since giving birth. 

She told me to schedule my first post-baby appointment when my hair started falling out, because that would be the signal that my hormones are changing and my body is in need of some balancing.

She took my pulses, looked at my tongue, asked me for the update.

I laid on the table and inhaled deeply and deliberately, telling myself to forget that I would need to hurry right back home to the baby so my partner could get back to work. Just relax. Sink into the table. Take notice of every sensation I feel.

She tap, tapped the needles in one by one and left the room. 

I'm always different when she returns. Calmer. Clearer. 

She started back the way she came, now removing the needles one by one. 


And she said to me, "You know, you're taking the time to build trust right now with your baby. And that trust will pay off in the long run in your relationship. My kids are both in their 20's and I have a wonderful relationship with each of them because of the deep trust between us that I started building when they were babies."

Wow! Her wise woman insight rang true in my body both in those first moments of hearing it, and now every time I recall the memory. 

What a sacred thing, this opportunity to build trust with an innocent new life!

Instilling a deep and steady confidence, a knowing that they are loved, and cared for. 

A knowing that when they cry from pain or fear or discomfort, they will be soothed, comforted, and held so close. 

By looking at the love reflecting from their mama's face they learn that they are love. 

When they are hungry they are nourished and filled without delay.

The total presence of mama as she plays with baby evokes the holiest of joy. 


All of this creates a sacred bond of trust. 

This trust is a vaccination against the pain and separation of the world.

It is the ultimate vitamin, and the most exquisite superfood a baby can get. 


And this got me thinking.... we are all mothering ourselves for the entirety of our lives. 


What's the status of your trust relationship these days?


How are you caring for that Woman-Soul, the She who lives in your body?

Do you soothe and comfort Her when she is in pain, fear or discomfort?

Are you reflecting love and acceptance more often than rejection and judgement when you look into Her eyes?

Do you still allow Her to play sometimes? To prioritize joy?

Do you satiate Her soul-hunger with gourmet foods, relationships, and experiences? Or do you let Her stay ravenous until She numbs out?

Does the She who lives in your body trust you in such a way that it generates peace & graceful confidence?


This kind of trust is our vaccination against the constant anxiety, stress, and chaos of life. This kind of trust is what encourages us to keep coming back to our radical self-care practices again and again; even when we've fallen out of the habit. This kind of trust can coax us into a growth mindset and a willingness to keep showing up with an open heart, even after a particularly discouraging failure.

One of the ways I cultivate trust with myself is to connect to the core of my being. 

We are doing a lot of this over in the IN[HABIT} Self-Love Community Lab right now because Fall is the season of the Monk, the season of creation, of planting seeds in the psychic womb, and of conceiving visions for the upcoming season. I recorded this Illuminate Audio to make it effortless to connect to your core. 

If you'd like to activate a deeper trust with your Self, download this audio and listen to it every day for a month. Don't strain to hear or see answers. Just listen and offer these ideas to yourself and out into the universe, and see what comes. I would really like to hear about your insights and experiences! Please let me know by writing me at monica@monicaballard.com. I will respond to each and every letter.

If you'd like to continue this soul journey in the company of like-minded women, it isn't too late to join us in the Lab for this amazing Fall goodness we are creating together. Schedule a 30min discovery call with me if you'd like to chat more about the details!

I am still offering a few more 1/2 price Fall Equinox Soul Strategy Sessions as well! 
This is the perfect time to reactivate total creative agency and power over your life from the inside out.
Schedule yours now here.

Wishing you the trust that heals, xo




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