Hello Dear One, 

How are you doing as the summer starts to deepen into fall??

I have been reminded again recently of the power that lies in the ability, or even the need, to ask questions of myself. Every time I plunge the very depths of my Soul for answers and insight, I rise as one re-born in pure, hope-filled, radiant Light. There is infinite treasure inside us, if we dare to enter the dark and dangerous caves that hold it.  

For a woman to stay fresh & vibrant she has to ask. For a woman to know her Joy, she has to ask. For a woman to regenerate, to transform the dead & decaying to new budding life, year after year, she has to ask. For a woman to cultivate a lifelong relationship with her sensuality and pleasure, she has to ask. In order to lovingly stay with Herself, rather than slipping away into abandonment and numbness, she has to ask.

What has happened to my soul-voice?

What is the current condition of the relationship with my Self?

Do I feel free?

When was the last time I was living from freedom?

What in my world is not as it appears?

What do I know deep within my Heart, that I wish I did not know?

What of me has been killed, or lays dying?

What am I avoiding?

How do I make life come alive again?

What are the deepest desires of my heart?


A Radiant Woman is...

A woman full of Radiant Life-force energy is a woman who knows she has the power to face her demons and not turn away.  She is no longer afraid of her past. She is not afraid of the darkness. A Radiant woman knows that she is created with the Power to alchemize, transform, and re-birth old into new. It is her Divine Nature. She knows that this life-cycle is part of the human experience,  and that she is not broken. She is connected to her natural ability to do hard things. She trusts herSelf. She strengthens her unconditional self-love "muscle".  She checks in with her deepest Soul Self and sincerely asks the hard questions. 

Year after year, she mines the darkness for soul-treasure. Year after year, she heals herself, those who came before her, and those who will come after.  

Beloved Sister-Goddess, you ARE that Radiant Woman.

When did you last ask these questions of your Soul? And what did you do with the answers, both pleasant and foul, that bubbled to the surface of your consciousness? 

Do not be afraid, beloved! You are right on time. Autumn is the perfect season for this inner work.  Get clear vision in the Fall, make new commitments and plant new seeds. The new growth you see in coming months will delight and amaze you! 


Does the idea of this resonate with you?

I would like to invite you to a wonderful online visionboarding event I am guiding this Fall from September 30th through October! 


We do the inner work...

During this Lifescaping event, I will provide questions and journaling prompts via email, and there will be two conference calls with guided meditations. The purpose of the calls is to ask these questions of our inner Consciousness, to clear any blocks we have with our own worthiness and success, and to affirm our innate worthiness, and the goodness of receiving!  The calls will be recorded and sent out via email, so you can use the meditations at your convenience as much as you like!


We collect our treasures...

As you begin to receive insight, you will gather together the images and symbols that clearly represent your desires and goals--these are the things you will put on your visionboard.


And then, we gather.

For those who are local to Humboldt, we will gather together on Saturday, October 29th from 10am-3pm for Creation Day! We will craft, connect, celebrate, and build our vision boards together.  A delicious lunch and beverages will be provided. (There is a reduced fee for those who are participating online only, and are not close enough to attend Creation Day.)


This has become one of my favorite personal practices...

This process has worked miracles in my ability to connect with my core values and priorities, and align my life, dreams and goals with these core values.  I have been doing this consistently for the last 4 years, and I am completely devoted to this work as a lifelong practice because the benefits are so vast! I check in with myself every fall, even if I have had a great year! There is always something to learn.

For more information on Lifescaping: A Visionboarding Experience, and to register-  click here!


Now it's your turn...

And now, I would love to hear from you! How has asking questions of yourself affected your life in the past? What are your favorite questions for self-reflection and discovery? Tell me in the comments!

Loving your courageous, boundless heart,