Hello & Happy Summer To You!

I pray this finds you well, and enjoying the lightness of summertime.

I'm thrilled to announce that I am launching my freshly re-designed website! Hooray!

I've been working on this new website for about 5 months and its surreal to have finished it in the last couple days! Please check it out and let me know what you think!

I have been working with 2 coaches since January to expand my knowledge in business, to help me live in greater alignment with my deepest values, desires, and purpose, and to achieve my vision for my business.  It has been a fun, raw, challenging, deeply rewarding experience to devote myself so openly to going after my hearts desires.

The most impact-full thing for me in all of this is how much I am seeing myself, learning about myself, getting to know myself. I am uncovering grief, fears, and demons that I haven't fully seen or faced before.  I am reaching new heights and looking down on the valleys I've traveled through from vantage points I could have never imagined. I feel more open to Love than ever before.

I made a commitment for my 37th year on my birthday as I walked along the ocean's edge. This year I am committed to loving the unlovable in myself. I am devoted to loving the unlovable in myself.  I will go ever deeper this year in knowing, seeing, and loving myself. I cannot offer what I do not have to give. So I will be over here removing any resistance to Love I find inside me. I will be dismantling my barriers to Love. I will continue to open & surrender. I am infinitely grateful for my life and my path, and I am more determined than ever to give as much as I can into the world around me.

30 Days of #LiftingMyLove Begins July 1st!

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IMPORTANT NOTE: I am talking about masculine & feminine energy not gender! This is for anyone trying to dive deeply into their feminine essence and practice loving their beloved as an art; with purpose and intention.

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Click here to sign up!

Thank you so much for being here in my life and witnessing my journey!

Looking forward to what the rest of 2016 will bring. Wishing you all deepest love and connection! xo

Peace & Blessings

monica ❤