I have come to love the deep winter. ♥

I have come to know the deep winter as a sweet season of rest. A time of going within. A time of letting go of anything that is no longer serving my highest good.  Letting go can be scary.  The hustle becomes the identity and busy-ness masquerades as self-worth.  Deep winter calls on us to stop chasing the future and face ourselves in the present, to tenderly lay down our masks and look deep into any wounded beliefs that are still shaping our lives from the shadows, and to clear them in love. 

This process used to seem full of flinching dread and pain. But after years of practice I no longer find myself flinching, instead full with excitement and relief! I cherish this time of extra rest. Extra attentive, tender, self-care. I love the long steamy-hot epsom salt baths, with one candle flickering in the dark. I love oiling my body, and feeling the way the oil warms and grounds me. I love carving out time to explore the spirit of orgasm with my yoni egg practice ~ the rhythms of my breath andegg squeezes moving golden white energy, circulating, cascading,  throughout my body’s orbits.   I love gazing at my visionboard where she is posted on the wall above my bathroom sink. I look upon her from the bath and the shower,  and while I get ready for the day. It is tingly and thrilling to look at images that reflect my deepest desires, believing that what I want is wanting me!! 

When I allow Grace to create a capacity in myself to receive something, it will make its way to me. If a space is created, the universe will fill it.  I have learned that it feels orgasmically, unbelievably satisfying to practice loving self reflection, and to willingly see and release the beliefs that keep me in a state of self-loathing, struggle, and resistance.  I have learned the sacred value of dreaming and imagining myself in my highest states of joy and fulfillment.  I am in love with this process of conscious creating. ♥

Although the deep winter season is from December 21st at the Solstice, until the 5th of February, I am practicing clearing this year from December 15th- February 15th.

I clear all the ways I make excuses to stay in patterns of hating myself, especially my physical body.  I will happily, lovingly give myself time every day for walking and yoga.  I will not make work an excuse to take time away from caring for my body temple the way I long to. I am putting joy as my highest priority.  I am clear all the ways I am addicted to struggle and lack when it comes to work and money in my life. I am opening even greater to living a life I love, giving my deepest gifts and being completely fulfilled by being the truest expression of myself. I am looking for magic. I am looking everyday for miracles and wonderful things to happen! I believe I can be as turned on by life, as joyful as I will allow myself to be! I release and clear old beliefs that life is hard and that exhaustion is normal. I release and clear all the ways I believe there is less than ENOUGH! I choose joy! I choose joy in this moment now and for all my moments! I will give from my divine fullness and I will open myself to be filled! I am opening to bigger dreams and being honest about what I would really want if fear of not having “it” didn’t discourage my wanting. I will allow myself to receive. I will blossom and glow at being cherished and held in such high esteem and worthiness. ♥

In a literal sense all of this will manifest in more relaxation and joy. Even more juicy lovemaking with my darling Lover. Fun time connecting with my son. Writing 2 classes to share in the spring~ a yoni egg yoga workshop, and a four week Intro to Radiant Living.  I am SO EXCITED and completely orgasmic when I visualize the birth of these offerings!! Continued study of yoga, tantra, life, sex, nature, love, and relationship. More blogging. More writing. Offering a new women’s yoga class~ monthly at first and maybe twice monthly after 6 months or so. Daily self care consisting of some mix of exercise, yoga, time in nature, journaling, yoni egg yoga, sacred baths, sacred sex, free time, and sleep. Taking more time off work.  Harmonizing my moon cycle with my work schedule. Opening to receive even more abundance in time, health, money, & creative flow. I am going to take a facebook fast between now & February 2015. ♥


Are you doing any clearing practices over the next month & a half?? If so, I would love to hear about it! Tell me what you’re making space to receive in your life!

Are you interested in working with me for deeper insight into your own clearing process as we begin a new year?

I am available for coaching sessions both in person and over skype or facetime!  It would be my honor & delight to help you open to all the good trying to come into your life!

I wish you all a deep, soul-expanding clearing season! May we open to receive the deepest desires of our hearts beloveds!! ♥