Greetings Goddess!

I hope this finds you well & enjoying the summer sunshine! I have been spending lots of wonderful time with my family, resting, and catching up on life these last 2 months.  It’s been such a welcome change of pace!

I have a couple exciting announcements!!

#1:  My new shop at is open for business!!  Yay!!  I now have yoni eggs available for purchase online!!  Coaching sessions & massages are available as well.  Home-crafted body care products coming soon!  I would really appreciate it if you would kindly leave your ratings and reviews for any Yoni Eggs you may have already purchased from me.  It may benefit others to read your feedback on the individual gemstones & sizes. 🙂  THANK YOU for being a part of this wonderful work I get the opportunity to do!

To show my gratitude, use coupon code GRANDOPENINGSALE and save $10 on all small & medium Yoni Eggs! Please share the news with any friends you may have who might be interested in getting Yoni Eggs! THANK YOU LOVELIES!!

And now for #2!!  I birthed a new project into the world this spring & I am very excited to share it! Introducing!! I created an inspirational line of Altar Cards, Magnets, Stickers & Greeting Cards with my original photographs uplifting words. The cards were printed locally in Arcata, Ca on 130# cardstock.  They come in a clear protective sleeve made from plants (compostable & sustainable)! I am donating ¢.50 of each card purchased to charities raising the quality of life for all beings. You can read more details about this project on the website.

My intention is that your altar, the space you create to honor and be reminded of the Divine, will go with you wherever you go. My intention is that you will be reminded of the good in the universe wherever you post your cards. When you outgrow a card, or get tired of it, I ask that you pass it on to someone else who might benefit from it.

My suggestion is to use one or two cards at a time to really focus on. Memorize the mantras & repeat them often. Let the images uplift & inspire you! Take time to stop & read the cards,  and whisper the mantras to yourself often!! You are opening to the possibility of your true worthiness and what that might mean for your life. Life is truly a gift, and all is grace!! May all beings be happy, healthy, & awakened to our Freedom! May we all awaken to the Light of our own Inner Being! Please leave reviews and feedback on the website! Thank you so very much!

Use coupon code GRANDOPENINGSALE and pay just $5 per card!!

Hooray! So much good news! It feels so good to plant seeds of service, ease, joy, and abundance & actually see the fruits!! Giving thanks!!

Now for some deeper reflections….

One thing I noticed after taking time for rest & fun this summer,  is that I love who I am when I feel relaxed & energized! I have been making little changes all year that allow me to love myself more skillfully, in ways that feel easy & natural.

Even though I have been on a path of learning to love myself with my daily work, actions, habits, patterns, relationships, etc. for many years now,  I’ve been surprised as I’ve reflected in recent months  and become aware of several ways I’ve been withholding love from myself. I realized that I am still very judgmental about my body, and I catch myself feeling disapproving of the woman I see in the mirror.  What I’ve noticed is that these judgmental thoughts drag down my life-force  energy & over-all vibration. It is such an energy drain to resist WHAT IS!!  Love is the only transformative force! What we resist, persists! So I have been practicing releasing my resistance to how I perceive my body, and loving & accepting her instead when I catch my mind sending judgmental messages thru my brain. There is such a tension, a contraction, that comes into the body with self-hating thoughts & feelings. It feels so good to relax the contraction by choosing love & acceptance in the moment instead. It’s a habit that will grow stronger with my time & attention.

Another thing I changed recently is scheduling in a real lunch break into my work days. I realized that I have been very committed to struggle where my work life is concerned.  I have been telling myself all these years that I just couldn’t take an hour lunch break, that I just didn’t have the time, a snack should be enough, do I really need to eat anyway, and blah blah.

Here’s the funny thing- I know I feel better at work when I am well nourished. I know my body functions better, my mood functions better, EVERYTHING functions better when I am nourished! But my old programming & hidden commitment to struggle in this area was getting the upper hand for years!

I am so thankful for this work & these practices that allow me to look at my life & take full responsibility.  I want to show up for myself and help HER (that girl, Monica) to thrive! It has been a real game changer for me to understand that we always, always get what we are committed to getting!! Always!!  So if we aren’t getting what we want, its a signal that we need to explore our hidden commitments. Hidden commitments that could very well be holding us back from receiving the joy, ease, & contentment that we are craving from day to day life. We can release and clear these subversive commitments and devote ourselves consciously to loving habits, loving choices, loving commitments. Love is choosing what is in the best interest of the beloved. We can release old secret beliefs that keep us from aligning with our best interest & highest good and that is GREAT NEWS!!!  We are born to succeed & to live our highest expressions of our unique Selves, not to suffer on the hamster wheel of life. I am getting softer, and yet stronger every time I consciously commit to lovingly meeting my needs. And I am feeling a greater sense of freedom and ease in my every day life. Freedom and ease are what I also want for you dear ones! Enjoy the rest of this beautiful summer! ❤

Have you discovered any hidden commitments in your life this year? Have you cleared your limiting beliefs? And if so, how did you feel after? I would love to hear from you! Drop me a note at

I am available for coaching if you are looking for a safe, loving space to explore the hidden commitments in your life that may be holding you back from receiving the deepest desires of your heart & giving your deepest gifts! Give yourself a chance to open more fully to receive!  I have appointments available in person, on the phone, and Skype or FaceTime. Sessions are available for purchase in my new online shop! Email me after you complete your order to schedule the time & date of your appointment.