A List Of All The Good Things That Happened To Me This Week So Far:


* I had a couple cancellations on Tuesday.  Normally my mind might jump straight to the finances & how this affects my budget. Especially right before I take this resting time off! However I am continually practicing surrender & trusting that “Everything is always working out for me!”  Tuesday was also Tully’s kindergarten graduation ceremony! 🙂 It turned out I was able to take him home for the day afterwards, which I didn’t know I could do, & wouldn’t have been able to do if I had still had massage appointments all afternoon.  My lover & I were able to take Tully out to a celebration lunch & share those moments together! What a gift!!

*My amazing lover took Tully on an afternoon adventure while I ran errands in peace!! So enjoyable & I got so much stuff done! Thankful! ♥

* I found a check for $110 on my office floor from an appointment 2 weeks ago!!! Hooray for finding money!!!

* I went to deposit money at the ATM but I went inside the bank because there was a long line.  I was able to get a bunch of overdraft fees refunded from a few weeks ago when I wrote a check & forgot to deposit the cash on my wallet. (I am actually great with money as far as savings & budgeting, but I can also be forgetful at times which is another type of irresponsibility that sometimes has negative consequences!)  Over $100 in fees returned to me~ which wouldn’t have happened had I used the ATM outside.

* Had a wonderful yoga class Wednesday morning!!! ♥

* I was able to get a last minute eye exam after scratching a contact & discovering that the rest of my contact lenses had been lost in our big move. No glasses either for back-up (another of my personal responsibilities I’ve been lazy about…) I got a fresh pair from the exam at a local doctor this morning, for the same price as the Costco eye exams! Also, they sold me a second set of lenses for only $10!! Yes!! EVERYTHING IS ALWAYS WORKING OUT FOR ME!!!! SAY IT LOUD!!!!!

* I had amazing massages all week with my wonderful, inspiring, brilliant clients. You all are my medicine even as you come to me to help you soothe your aches & pains. I bow in deepest gratitude to you all ♥

*My amazing lover really came thru for me this week too~ connecting with tully, and helping me out in other various ways that I had only visualized & planted in my psychic womb. I hadn’t even asked him directly!  Thank you to Kenya K Stevens of Jujumama for teaching me about the psychic womb!! It has changed the entire course of my life & relationships to have these tools! No words deep enough to express my gratitude ♥

I’m sure there were other things that happened this week making me feel like angels were at my every step to nurture me.

Life is hard. Busy. So challenging to be in the flow~ to ride the waves with ease, grace, smile on the face. Hard! But so good.

Focus on the good ♥