Let me start off by saying, I love summer!

I adore the sunshine, the long days, the heat, the sunshine…you get the idea. 😉  We especially crave sunlight living on the northern coast of California, where the temps stay low, and the clouds and fog are present almost daily. Even with my love of summertime, it feels so good to surrender to the flow of Fall energy that has sleepily descended everywhere.

The Fall Equinox signals the beginning of a new Cycle of life and creation!

Several years ago I started using the Fall as a time to reflect on my life with gratitude, giving thanks for all the experiences during the year (both those that I enjoyed, and those I did not enjoy) that have brought me to this present moment.

In the Fall I once again ask the Fullness of the Universe, who I am and what am I doing here with this precious life. I pray that the deepest desires of my heart would be made known to my heart and conscious mind, that they may be birthed into my life and into the world. In the Fall I pray for vivid dreams and visions of offering myself fully back into the world, giving my deepest gifts, and receiving into my life & Being to the absolute fullest.

The Fall is where fruit of the year’s harvest is enjoyed and new seeds are conceived and planted into the fertile soil of the heart. In the Fall we contemplate leaving behind the patterns,  habits, and attachments  that no longer serve our highest good, offering them in the winter clearing season as compost for growth. The Fall is a magical time, pregnant with anticipation of new life!


The weekend before the Fall Equinox, my darling Lover Fiancee and I escaped to a cottage on the oceanfront of the California/Oregon border to vision & dream together. We decided we would do the same thing every year. It was a sweet time of connecting.

We gave thanks for our year and everything we have accomplished, all the things that we learned, and everything that made us stronger and brought us closer together. We shared about changes we want to make. Things we might like to do differently. We made lists of our goals and intentions. Everything from mundane home improvement projects, to travel destinations, and starting a hot tub savings fund.

We talked about our desires for family life, our relationship as lovers & life partners, and our individual selves. We shared meals together, made love together, enjoyed one another.

And when we drove home we felt renewed inspiration for our home, family, and life together. <3

I cannot say enough about the power of connecting with love and intention, no matter where you are. If you are single, you can still do this practice and connect to your Higher Self.



Here’s some ideas for using the energy of Fall to your Highest Benefit:

  • Spend some time in reflection, gratitude, and prayer. Ask the Beloved to show you your purpose in life. Ask for renewed inspiration. Ask to be connected with your deepest gifts.  Giving our deepest gifts is what brings us the deepest happiness and fulfillment!
  • Write down your dreams, insights and desires in your journal.Journal about how you want to feel in the coming year. Choose 3-5 feelings to be your core desired feelings.
  • Spend extra time in rest.  You’ve made it through another busy year! It’s time to wind down and savor all of the things you’ve accomplished this year.
  • Make a list of your victories! Even the tiny ones!
  • Re-dedicate yourself to your Radical Self-Care Practice if you’ve abandoned it in the busy-ness of life. Think about what you are craving and needing, and offer it lovingly to yourself. Make the effort to schedule it in and savor it. Self Care is unique to every individual! It could be a hot epsom salt bath and a french clay facial mask, it could be lunch with a friend who inspires you, it could be a sex date with your partner, it could be a walk at the beach…it is whatever  nourishes your body, mind, and spirit.
  • Love your Self with a gentle cleanse. Fall and Spring are the best times to cleanse the body. But it doesn’t have to be extreme! It could be as simple as a week of  trading coffee for warm lemon water and herbal teas, drinking fresh live juice, and nourishing brothy soups.  Pick up some good probiotics too! Dry brush your body with a natural fiber brush, and massage your skin for 10 min with organic coconut oil. Soak in a hot epsom salt bath. Think of it like cleaning out the gutters of your house before the winter rains come. We want to keep the body free and clear of sludge and gunk!
  • Check out this great free 3-Season Diet Challenge by Dr. John Douillard. He’s one of my favorite resources!!  This “diet” is learning how & why to eat seasonally according to the ancient life science of Ayurveda. He has tons of other free resources on his website as well. Learning about Ayurveda has done wonders for transforming my relationship to my body and approach to healthy living! I am so thankful for this amazing wisdom!


I am so excited to announce that I have teamed up with my dear herbalist friend Colleen of  Witch In The Woods Body Care! You can now purchase her wonderful handmade organic products in my office & webstore!

She makes the most delicious lotions, deodorant balm, body oils, fragrant soy candles, and more! So much love goes into everything she creates! She even keeps bees and harvests the wax and honey to use in her products! She’s an amazing woman and I am so blessed to be her friend and support her awesome business! I know you will enjoy everything from the Witch In The Woods line!

Please let us know what your favorite products are ~ we want to hear from you!


October will be my last month teaching my

Monday/Wednesday 9am yoga class!

I LOVE teaching yoga and I love my students! I will miss this sweet morning class so much! I am finding that I really need my mornings right now for creative expansion.

I am going to be spending time this Fall and Winter going within and focusing on my life and personal practice.  I will be dreaming up wonderful, inspiring classes to offer in the Spring! I will be sending much love and many blessings to all my yogis and yoginis until I see you on the mat in the Springtime <3.

Thank you to anyone who has taken class with me so far ~

teaching yoga is a beautiful gift in my life!

Namaste ❤



 I would love to hear from you! How are you re-balancing & harmonizing this Fall??

Email me at monica.n.ballard@gmail.com. Thank you for your time & your presence!

Herbal Inspiration for Fall

by Colleen Bones


Fall is an incredible time of year.  The crisp air, changing colors and feelings of new beginnings.

Unfortunately, it is also a very dry time and as the season changes, so does our skin.  Dry, dehydrated skin and eczema flare ups are easily triggered.

Witch in the Woods Botanical Body Oil is a blend of healing herbs infused in hydrating oils that protect and nourish the skin.  Made with a base of sweet almond oil and jojoba oil that are full of vitamins, fatty acids, and antioxidants. They are also easily absorbed by the skin and wont leave a heavy, greasy feeling. Wild crafted rrow leaf & flowers, oat tops & organically sourced roses, calendula, lavender & chamomile all provide incredible healing benefits for dry skin.

Use after the shower, in the bath or as a massage oil.

*Now Available at monicaballard.com/shop*