Winter Greetings!

It has been raining for weeks here on the Northern Coast of California, but I haven’t heard a single person complaining about the weather. We are all benefitting from the nourishing, cleansing rain.

For me, the Winter is the season of deep rest and renewal. I go slower in the winter. I am less social in the winter months, choosing to spend my time at home in solitude or with family and closest friends. I enjoy getting lost in projects at home that I have been too busy to get to for months. So far this year I have: painted a wall in my dining room a beautiful purple, painted our whole master bathroom in a gorgeous soothing color palette, re-arranged our sitting room to allow space for yoga in front of the window looking out into the trees, deep cleaned my son’s room and managed the Lego situation, put up a shower rod in the laundry area to hang up clothes right out of the dryer and make laundry life easier, and made dozens of yummy soy candles!  I love being at home. It makes me feel so very ALIVE and engaged! When I spend time at home creating beauty & connecting with my family I am nourished.

Using the winter to reset and ground down & restore means that I am full & ready to engage the world from that fullness when Spring arrives. Winter is the perfect time to stop trying so hard. By the time February rolls around I am energized and inspired, and doing what I need to do happens effortlessly and even enjoyably!

I think we try so hard because we are worried that maybe we aren’t so great on our own without our self-improvement routines. We see ourselves as a project. A forever fixer-upper. I’m not discrediting the efficacy of a lifestyle powered by smoothies, workouts, goals, kale, vision boards, cleanses, and more workouts. I just don’t think we trust ourselves as much (or like ourselves for that matter,) when we aren’t restricting ourselves or putting ourselves on a rigid lifestyle plan of some kind.

I’d like to see us honor the winter season and practice relaxing. Trusting that we are exactly as we should be right now, this moment. Every moment. Trusting that we can stop trying so hard for a while and rest. Trusting our Inner Wisdom that we can only hear in stillness. Trusting that we won’t go to shit if we relax our efforts to keep it all together.  Allow ourselves unscheduled time. Time to be still. Time to Be. I know you also crave  your BEST LIFE. We must create space for receiving our best lives! Space for what we haven’t even conceived of yet! We can create space in our lives, hearts, and minds, simply by allowing (even prioritizing!) ourselves free, unscheduled time. Yes, it’s really as simple as that.

One of the most exciting things about winter rest, is that my creative spark begins to burn so much more brightly again. By taking time to reflect on my previous year without just diving into more activity, or more of what I have always done,  I feel reminded that I create my life with little choices day by day.  When I stop and rest for a season,  I feel empowered to make any necessary changes that will cause greater flow or upliftment in my daily life. When I make changes that improve the quality of my life (which by default improves my relationships as well,) I feel thrilled and supremely grateful to be aligning my life, love, and work with my deepest values and my core desired feelings.

I’m going to leave you with a few ways you might like to quit trying so hard.  My suggestion is to choose 2 that interest you and try them out! Journal about your experience and how the activities affected you, if at all. Who knows, you just might stick with this quitting thing!

How to Quit Trying So Hard: 

  • Remind yourself every day that you are exactly as you should be right now. Whisper is quietly to yourself. Notice how it feels in your body to believe it.

  • Trade in your normal workout routine. Try jogging with nasal (Ujjayi ) breathing for 12 minutes 3-4 times per week. Set a timer. Better yet, after a short warmup, sprint for two minutes, and walk for one minute  until the timer goes off.

  • Use this prayer daily. Whatever needs to go, May it go. Whatever needs to come, May it come. I am Yours. You are Mine. We are One. All is Well.

  • Trade in your normal yoga practice. Do sun salutations with nasal (Ujjayi) breathing for 12 minutes 2-3 times per week. Set a timer.

  • Spend a whole day at home without making plans. See where the magic takes you.

  • Sit in silence for 10 minutes per day 5-7 days per week. Use nasal (Ujjayi) breathing. Set a timer.

  • Spend extra time enjoying your family. Talk at the dinner table, play games, snuggle up & watch movies, cook together, do home-improvement projects together, craft together, get outside together. Just spend some extra time connecting with your family.

  • Spend some time reflecting on your life last year 2015. What did you love? And what did you not enjoy as much? After some thought…What is one change you feel willing (or even excited) to make that would improve your life in 2016?

And now I would love to hear from you! Do you instinctively practice deep rest in the winter? What are your favorite ways of resetting? Email me at 

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All my Love, Monica