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No time for excuses,
the sun rises new every day
Children are watching to see what we choose, this is the day for change.

It’s been quite a long time I’ve loved the gift of spoken rhyme,
like praying for rain, I waited-
mostly patiently for mine,
Please accept this trickle of thoughts,
just to tickle your process,
eat the fruit, but leave the seeds, if I may suggest,
and may the flow water down,
through your soul’s fertile ground,
and may you be inspired and refreshed.

Fundamental, judgemental,
Impotent, Irrelevant,
Start with being compassionate,
love action where the suffering’s at.

Religious, social segregation,
guise of moral regulation,
but there’s only one team,
an illusion- all this separation.

Superiority, acts like hypocrisy,
to bring relief to you will bring relief to me.

Friends, we must strengthen our patience to walk this out,
you see?
We all need to practice,
heart’s should hold no enemies.
That’s NO as in zero, yo-
There’s only one WE.

Craving a purity faction,
rise up,
take healing action,
transform our hearts and minds
through love-growth traction.

Focus on the strength,
pass on the apathy,
flee the tyranny of the weak,
don’t fear working hard for victory.

Candy appearances assure,
you’re doing all you can,
but with no fruit upon your tree
how will you feel your fellow man?

Cause’ we’re all in the same boat
Yes we’re all in the same boat.
And until now, its been
or float.

But we’ve gotta keep it moving, yes we’ve gotta hold on,
one foot right in front of the other,
the road of redemption.

Raise our voices all together in the song,

Freedom. Just to be.
To breathe without anxiety, FREE.
To be still and to breathe, and to feel,
to be real without fear,
and to breathe,
and to smile,
and to rest with peace,
healed is what we are,
when we breathe we see clear,
strength revealed,
we transmit through our energy shield,
soul-gardens we tend, virtues yield,
become radiant like the Sun,
mighty shield,
warriors of compassion,
let’s dedicate each day to this
lifestyle of acceptance with joy,
savor the honesty,
flavor of authenticity,
and may the soul of every being be
most peacefully,
— Freedom, A Poem by Monica Ballard