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I'm so happy to introduce you to Arianna Taboada. Arianna is a maternal health expert, author, and owner of a consulting firm that helps female founders intelligently design maternity leave plans that meet their business model and personal needs. 

Today we're talking about the ways Arianna is creating a culture of mothering the mothers in our society by helping entrepeneurial mamas babyproof their businesses.

Whether or not you're a mother, or an entrepeneur, this conversation sheds light on the lack of support women face as they enter motherhood, real talk about the challenges of becoming a mama, and some offerings of insight, healing, and support we can activate for ourselves.

In this episode:

* Motherhood as the great equalizer

* Arianna's proposition that the lack of adequate maternity leave support in our culture is a serious social justice issue

* Arianna talks about the lack of  any 'mothering the mother' values in our culture, and the issues this creates

* Using an Eco-Map to pro-actively create a support system for ourselves and identify weak spots can help us to prevent crisis, and actually receive the support we need. (Get your Eco-Map PDF printable in the links below)

* Some signs and symptoms of post partum depression that you can use as a barometor for when you should reach out for more support so you don't suffer needlessly

* Arianna's suggestion that we need a new poster-mom role model, the mom who doesn't get it all done

* Understanding that when we support the total health of mothers, we are supporting generations of healthy children. The health of mothers creates the health of our society as a whole.


On the Web: ariannataboada.com



1. Postpartum eco-map (for anyone)

2. Postpartum eco-map for entrepreneurs




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