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I am so happy to bring you this deep, raw, juicy conversation with Monique Ruffin Monique is the host of Rise Radio (listen at 12radio.com) a mama, a powerful life coach, a professional writer/blogger, and a tremendously gifted astrologer.  Today Monique and I are exploring healing the relationships we have with our mothers, fathers, and our ancestors in order to give ourselves and our families the gifts of forgiveness and freedom. 

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In this episode:

* The beginning of Monique's exploration into her own motherhood, and the journey of her mother, and her grandmother to gain deeper understanding of her own experience

* What it means to see our parents as people, who have their own journeys

* There are tremendous possibilities that open up when we release the stories we have about our parents and the circumstances of our childhood

* The energy of our parents is literally within us and we cannot escape it. To hold onto negative beliefs and feelings toward our parents is to be at war with ourselves

* The science of how the experiences of our mothers are transmitted through our cells into multiple generations

* The judgements we formed about our mothers become the judgements we make about all women

* The judgments we formed about our fathers become the judgements we make about all men

* The practicality of forgiveness as a gateway to FREEDOM

* What we believe about our mother is what we believe about god

* When we can identify what we believe, we can shift it

* What we believe about our mothers is intrinsically linked to the type of mothers we are, the relationships we have with other women, and the relationships we have with our own bodies

* To heal the relationship we have with the archetype of the Mother at the level of the heart and soul, we will heal the relationship we have to one another, to the Earth, and to life itself

* Our cultural awakening to our intrinsic power as creative beings

* Healing the shame we carry around the wrongs of our ancestors and choosing to forgive them



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