The Redemptive Power of Inclusion with Mason Aid

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Today's show is deeply inspiring and loaded with powerful insight. I really hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did. Our guest today is Mason Aid. Mason is a consultant/educator for businesses and organizations to help them achieve greater LGBTQ inclusivity. Mason has a powerful story of moving from self-hatred to self-love and acceptance. Their self-acceptance & love has blossomed into creating connections and inclusiveness as a lifestyle and now a business.

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In this episode:

*Mason's initial struggle with mental health as sparked by bullying

* Mason realizing at 19 that they were gay

* How the seed for their business was planted and started to grow

* Mason's realization that their parents had long been accepting and supportive even before they realized it

* Mason's realization that when someone comes out, their family comes out too, and it comes with it's own challenges for the family

* Why Mason thinks we're all a little bit in the closet

* Mason's experience of finding and cultivating deep true love

* The lessons Mason has gained from parenthood

* Mason's deep understanding of the difference in standards for men and women

* Mason's experience in being excommunicated from their church, and later being welcomed by a inclusive and loving church/faith community



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