Permission to Fail with Jen Vertanen


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Today's show sounds like an intimate, vulnerable conversation between old friends, but really it's an invitation to step into the ring of action in your life. Today's guest is the wonderful Jen Vertanen of the 'Going There with Jen Vertanen' Podcast. Jen is a coach by day, a podcaster by night, a mama, wife, and a Loneliness Expert.  Join us for this exploration of why we might want to go looking for failure, and why failure and loneliness go hand in hand.

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In this episode:

* Why you want to "fail early and fail often"

* Why Jen connects failure to loneliness

* The story of Jen coming out about her loneliness

* Jen's concept that we keep peeling back the layers

* How Jen found the roots of her loneliness

* When is good enough, GOOD ENOUGH?

* Why asking the question, "What if there was no outcome?" can be a motivator to take authentic action

* When Jen's gut feeling was wrong and how it led her to deep transformative growth

* Jen's realization that she was having conversations with her husband in her head

* Progress is more important than the possibility of being rejected

* People love to be a part of another person's story

* Jen's calling to start deep conversations around loneliness

* The shame linked with loneliness

* If you don't share your stories and gifts, you are withholding from the people in the world who would have the chance to enjoy them

*Unraveling the strands of loneliness



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