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Today I am delighted to introduce you to Nikki Zaahir. Nikki is a wife, a mother and a life coach. She is currently the Workforce Development Program Director at Vehicles for Change, a non-profit a 501c3 nonprofit that repairs and provides donated vehicles to low-income families. The vehicles are repaired by men and women who are leaving prison incarceration and re-entering society. Nikki's job is to first recruit, and then provide deep coaching for them during this tender and challenging re-entry period. Out of 100 men that she's worked with, only 1 has re-entered the prison system! That's incredible!

I offer you this conversation with a woman who knows herself, who is committed to loving herself, and out of this fullness is living her purpose and changing lives for the better.

There is so much goodness and wisdom in this episode. I really want to know what YOU enjoyed most! What was the number one insight you took away from this show?  Let me know in the comments below or send me an email at inhabitpodcast@monicaballard.com.


In this episode:

* Nikki's experience of coming into her purpose

* Realizing that her life experiences had perfectly prepared her for her life's work

* Where she learned the art of self-care

* Why Nikki spends as much time with her girlfriends as she possibly can

* How to heal the men of the world

* How to speak the language of men

* Why we don't have to be in a romantic relationship to make connections and shine loving light on others



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