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I am so happy to introduce you to Ellen Nicholas.  Ellen is a mother, a facilitator for Shiva Shakti Dance Workshops, sharing the art of devotional erotic dance. She is also trained in Non-Linear Movement and Polarity & Intimacy work as taught by Michaela Boehm & Steve James. She is also the Creatress of the Erotic Mother- playgroups and workshops for where mothers can slow down, get into their bodies and connect with themselves and one another.

I've invited Ellen to share with us about the significance and the power of this Erotic Mother energy that every woman has within- whether she has birthed children or not, what it means to be 'embodied', and the gifts embodiement holds.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.


In this episode:

* How Ellen discovered embodiment practice through dancing

* Why she created the Erotic Mother Playgroup & Workshops

* What is Erotic Mother energy?

* The significance of sexual energy and why it's not about sex as we often think of it

*Why sometimes taking time for ourselves doesn't automatically lead to realxation

*Why a woman may feel less sexual after giving birth- an explanation I loved that I had never heard before

* How being in her body as a practice transformed her life

* Ellen's belief that we are here in these bodies to experience LIFE with them

* How you can activate your sensual energy every day right when you wake up



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