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I am very happy to be bringing you the second part of this two-part series on BETRAYAL! 

I love today's guest SO MUCH! I was introduced to Karen Harris when she offered yogic teachings on tantra for my yoga teacher training. She is empowered by decades of study and spiritual practice, a Harvard degree in spiritual leadership, extensive travel in India, Nepal, Japan and Tibet, and years of experience as a university lecturer and interfaith minister, Karen’s teaching awakens confidence, clarity, and intuitive understanding in her students. 

I am thrilled to share this deep and juicy unpacking of HOW we can PRACTICE with challenging and difficult emotions that can cause years of pain and suffering in our lives.

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On this episode:

* Why betrayal is such deep rich ground for spiritual work

* How we bear responsibility in betrayal

* Why betrayal happens in the STORY we tell

* Why telling the same stories from the past actually keep us from creating a future in alignment with our true nature & purpose

* How we can be wounded AND not need agreement from others that we are victims

* How to take an orientation of forgiveness

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