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I am very excited to be bringing you a two part series on PRACTICING WITH BETRAYAL!

The inspiration from this series was born out of thoughts I was having about the sticky situations in our lives. How do we practice self-care and wellness when we are in a tremendous amount of emotional pain, or conflict with people we care about?

I realized that one of the most painful emotions I personally have ever experienced (or caused another to experience),  is BETRAYAL. I have found it incredibly freeing to know that there are ways to work with painful emotions such as betrayal so that we do not have to remain imprisoned in our pain. I hope you enjoy this series, and I would love to hear your insights and personal stories!



I am so happy and thankful to introduce you to Karilily McClure. Karilily is a mama to 3 wonderful, wild children, wife and partner to her beloved hubby Joel, a yoga teacher, a student of life and spirituality, and she's also a business owner! Oshun Yoga Retreats offers amazing yoga/wellness/healing/cultural immersion retreats in beautiful destinations around the world.

Join us for this extra long, vulnerable and deep conversation about betrayal that Kari experienced in a relationship; the reality of her pain, her process, and her healing.



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In this episode:

* Karilily's experience of falling in love & ignoring red flags

* The experience of increasing criticism and negativity within her relationship

* Kari's experience of damping down her inner voice while in this negative relationship

* Her relationship really beginning to fracture when she started a new business that she was excited and passionate about.

* Kari's experience of receiving messages from her intuition but allowing herself to be lied to, and believing she was wrong or even crazy

* Her experience of trauma in childbirth, and then being put down by her partner about her body

* Kari's insights into not hating the other woman

* Feeling all the hard feelings without allowing hate to harden her heart

* Healing by sitting naked on the Earth and being in nature

* The moment Kari realized that SHE IS HER OWN FOUNDATION

* Powerful reminders of healing, and good men, and happiness

* The importance and beauty of scars

* Reflection on what makes healthy relationships

* The importance of women loving and honoring other women and treating them with respect and compassion, even in challenging circumstances



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