Episode 25: The In-Betweens of Soul-Driven Business and Living Your Purpose in the World with Alana Helbig

Welcome back to IN{HABIT}!

Today we have the enormous pleasure of hearing from Alana Helbig.

As the creator and host of Untangled – a hugely popular podcast channel harnessing the powerful story-telling nature of women in exploring the sacred yet dark aspects of soul untangling – Alana Helbig helps thousands of women all over the world cultivate a deeper soul connection and realign back into the magical free-flow of their true path.

Through her 1:1 podcast coaching packages and her online program Ignite: Podcasting for Changemakers, Alana teaches women how to use their feminine qualities of intuition, compassion, empathy, sensitivity and holding sacred space to ignite powerful conversations on the podcasting platform. She’s also not too shy in front of or behind the camera and loves to help female entrepreneurs capture and share their message on screen.

Join Alana and I for a vulnerable conversation into how she stepped out into pursuing her own soul-driven business, and how she has grown the courage and the capacity to fully show up for the ups and downs of the journey.


In this episode:

* The reality that most people are do not experience overnight success.

* The Inner Work and Self-Worth stuff that we do to allow us to tap into the courage to launch out and do what we really feel called to do.

* Getting burned out and how to rejuvenate and begin again.

* Learning how to honor the flows of life.

* Entertaining the idea that you DO have gifts.

* The idea that there is no timeline on the soul journey.

* Taking care of ourselves in order to keep our vibration clear in the world.

* What you're looking for is already right here inside....not out there.



Connect with Alana at:

+ Website: alanahelbig.com
+ Facebook: /alanahelbigbiz
+ Instagram: @alana.helbig
+ Untangled Community: untangledcommunity.com

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