Episode 23: Why Forgiveness is Bliss with PJ Cannon


Welcome back to IN{HABIT}!

I am honored & thrilled to bring you this week's guest, PJ Cannon.  PJ is a mother, a grandma, a published author, Reiki Master, Inspirational Speaker, and licensed Religious Science Practitioner.

She has some very powerful truth to share with us about why forgiveness is the root of all Self-Love.  I really hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did. Scroll down for links to PJ's website, and to purchase a copy of her book, Forgiveness is Bliss.


In this episode:

* Forgiveness helps us to come into the present where everything is perfect.

* True forgiveness is a healing tool for YOU

* Why forgiveness means giving up all hope for a better past.

* The idea that if you feel weighted and resentful there is something you are holding onto from the past.

* PJ's belief that the foundation of Radical Self-Care is truly releasing the past so we can love ourselves enough to enjoy the present right now...even in the presence of grief.

* Forgiveness is ongoing.

* PJ's favorite mantra: There's nothing more important than my happiness. My happiness is my greatest gift to others.

Connect with PJ Cannon on her website:  blissinlife.com

Pick up a copy of PJ's book Forgiveness is Bliss

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