Episode 21: The Curse of the Strong Friend

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Today I am celebrating the birth of a project I have been working on for some time! Announcing the opening of the INHABIT Self-Love Community Lab.

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  •  The power & benefits of connecting with your tribe
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Today's episode is on the subject of friendship. I've wanted to do a show on friendship for a while now and its been heavy on my heart, but I wasn't ready until now! I feel like the isolation and busy-ness of our modern lives create the perfect storm for putting strain on our friendships.  We are giving so much already, making time for our friends can feel exhausting, and like one more task on the to-do list…even when we really love and adore our friends.

Women need one another. We need to be seen and heard by our sisters going through the same challenges and joys of life. We need to be listened to and understood in a way that the men in our lives can’t understand us.  We need the the acceptance and support that only sisterhood brings.  I believe that our healthy friendships with our soul sisters makes a huge impact on the quality of our love relationships!  It gives us an opportunity to unpack the challenges of intimacy, and to vent and to process- so that we can go back and practice consciously, progressively loving our partners….without being in a state of reactivity.   Women keep us sane. They keep us healthy.

So why are friendships so challenging?  We are just human beings BECOMING.  We change. We go thru seasons where we are less available physically and emotionally. I believe that is all natural, and perfectly ok.  I believe that just like in intentional, conscious romantic love- we can apply the principles of commitment and Radical Honesty to our friendships and receive tremendous benefit and rewards. 

Today I want to share about an experience I’ve had within my relationships with women; I call it, The Curse of the Strong Friend. I wrote this out in blog post format as well, and I’ll post a link to it in the show notes. I really want your feedback on this episode! I believe we have all been the Strong Friend, and the Other at different times in our lives. I would love to hear your stories and your thoughts.  And may we learn to love and cherish our sisters, because we need one another. I am only as free as my sisters. 

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