Episode 19: Shining Your Heart Light, Perseverance, & Mindset with Iyea Brandy

Welcome back to IN{HABIT}!!

Today our guest is the lovely Iyea Brandy and we are talking about success, mindset, and perseverance. I met Iyea years ago on facebook, and when I started the podcast I knew I wanted to get her on the show. She is a true love warrior and shining light!  I really hope that you are inspired by her story, and can activate some of her same lightful-ness to your own life!


In this episode:

* Fear of failure

* Iyea's experience of losing everything she worked for

*Her belief that success is not an external measurement- success is within you

*Why a gratitude list is so helpful

* Iyea's experience of learning to do life her way

*The blessing of being of service in the world

*Why you should follow your dreams

*Iyea talks about learning to be true to herself even when it wasn't a popular choice

*Why you should find your personal spiritual practice

* Why you should feel the pain in life and not avoid it


Iyea recommends: The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Catherine Ponder

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xo, monica