Episode 16: Creation of a Goddess with Lila Simmons


Welcome back to IN{HABIT}!

Today we have the pleasure of speaking to the lovely Lila Simmons. Lila shares about her journey of transforming pain, accessing her inner Wisdom from a very young age, and re-creating herself in the image of her Divinity; as well as creating a life she truly loves.

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did!


In this episode:

* Lila's realization that she needed to stop neglecting herself so that people she was in relationship with would also stop neglecting her

* The idea that we live what we believe

* Healing the beliefs that bring us pain & suffering

* The shadow side of giving when we actually want to receive something

* The difference between being nice and being kind

* The importance of getting quiet and listening to your Soul

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How have you re-created yourself and your life?

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xo, monica