Episode 17: From Adrenal Fatigue to Thriving with Janet Caliri

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On today's show we are speaking with the insightful Janet Caliri. Janet is a Human Potential Practitioner, specializing in helping others to love themselves through massive life transitions.  Janet shares her personal journey of finding herself in a state of burnout which led her through adrenal fatigue, to healing, recovery, self-activation, and a discovery of the modality she now uses to assist others in similar situations.

I really wanted you to hear her story because I see so many women struggling with adrenal fatigue who have NO IDEA what is going on with their mental, physical, and spiritual health.  In fact, the western medical model does not acknowledge that adrenal fatigue is a real condition at all. It is my hope that in sharing this story and information, more women struggling with this issue will find their way to healing, and home to their own vitality, joy, and purpose in the world.


In this episode:

* Janet shares about professional burnout and the descent into adrenal fatigue

* The confusion over her symptoms and having no idea what was wrong with her

* Returning home to stay with her parents in her 40's, and the stress and struggle of them trying to "fix" her

* Th healing journey that began upon understanding she was suffering from adrenal fatigue, and getting help for her condition

* The importance of tracking our progress on different journeys in life, and why adding this ritual can be so beneficial to our healing and growth

* How Janet came to develop her current healing modality that she now shares with others

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