Episode 15: The Many Shades of Pregnancy & Motherhood with Jordan Maya

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Today on INHABIT we are talking about the many shades of pregnancy & motherhood. Our guest today is the lovely Jordan Maya. Jordan Maya is a brand new mama living in Pittsburgh with her hubby. She is a career waitress of 22 years, and her life motto is, "Eat, Drink, & Be Merry."  Traveling and people are her passion. Maya is also a "wine angel", and has spent many years in all aspects of wine making, selling, and drinking.

I really hope you enjoy this show, and if you are a mama, I would love to hear your thoughts, stories, and feedback!


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Did something in this episode remind you of your own life journey?  Do you have stories to share? Are you wondering how to apply Radical Self-Care to a specific situation or relationship in your life?? 

Are you a mama? I would love to hear your pregnancy & motherhood experiences!

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