Episode 14: Discovering the Divine Feminine Right Where We Are with Tynel Jael

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Today we have a wonderful guest! Tynel Jael is a powerhouse of a woman. She co-owns a winery with her husband, she's a mother to two young boys, a jeweler, a friend, a facilitator, and a constant learner who is here for the story of Life.

Today Tynel shares her story of becoming a mother and a wife and getting to know herself all over again. Listen as she shares her experience of connecting to the Divine Feminine at the Core of her Being, and how she uses her spiritual practices to navigate the very real and taxing stresses of life. This is a juicy, vulnerable episode & I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


In this episode:

* The feeling of "Who Am I?" after having children close together later in life

* Longing for the Divine Feminine but not getting it anywhere

* The experience of realizing that the Divine Feminine is ALREADY INSIDE, and understanding that she didn't have to change herself or anyone outside herself in order to become more acceptable

* The experience of never knowing that women can be soft and beautiful AND strong and powerful

* The experience stress caused by deep trauma dividing us in relationships

* The idea of choosing an ultra strong and masculine man vs. men we can lead & control

* The discovery that being in her Divine Feminine created spaciousness in the relationship for both partners to BE themselves

* The gift of asking the question, "How can I be powerful without pushing & resisting in my life & relationships?"

* Learning to not abandon herself and her own life path to focus solely on her husband

* The socialization of women to ONLY use their gift of giving and nurturing others

* How to cope with young children, stress, and lack of sleep

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Did something in this episode remind you of your own life journey?  Do you have stories to share? Are you wondering how to apply Radical Self-Care to a specific situation or relationship in your life?? 

How do you activate & allow the divine Feminine to fill you as a strong, brilliant woman? How have you been confused about what it means to BE feminine? I would love to hear from you!

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