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I am overjoyed to bring you this interview today with Kelly Coffey.

ACSM-certified personal trainer Kelly Coffey began dieting at age 5, and she was over 300 pounds by the time she was 18 years old. In her 20s, Coffey opted to have weight loss surgery. She lost 150+ pounds, and immediately started to gain it back, sailing back over 200 pounds. Demoralized and out of options, Coffey was forced to look at herself, her beliefs, and her behaviors in a whole new way. The principles Coffey has since lived by are the cornerstone of her work with women of all shapes and sizes all over the globe.

Kelly is real, she is hilarious, she is totally un-pretentious, and she is a POWERHOUSE OF LIGHT!

I am so thrilled that she accepted my invitation to come on the show!!


In this episode:

* Shame

* The importance of radical acceptance to the emotional experiences we are having in the moment.

* The key importance of our relationship with our many feelings.

* Why we need to have direct personal experiences to change our lives.


Connect with Kelly Coffey

Website: www.strongcoffey.com

Free, online workshop, Why We Sabotage Ourselves with Food and What We Can Do About It: bit.ly/rightwithfood

Facebook: www.facebook.com/strongcoffey


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