Episode 6: Loving Your Partner While Loving Yourself with Phoebe Andrews Elliott

Hello & Welcome back to another episode of IN{HABIT}!

Today we are talking about relationships and how we balance our own needs and wants with the wants and needs of our partner. Our guest today is a dear friend of mine, Phoebe Andrews Elliott. Phoebe and I met years ago in a yoga teacher training. Phoebe is an artist and a yoga teacher. She teaches the art of creating Yantras, the sacred geometry of yoga, as well as teaching yoga and leading yoga retreats in beautiful destinations. Phoebe has great insight into Radical Honesty and relationship because of her own experiences on the path. I truly hope you enjoy this interview!


In this episode:

* The importance of daily routine and using the morning to set the tone for our day.

* Balance & boundaries an the fact that it takes time and practice to implement these things.

*Realizing that each partner in a relationship has different, and equally valuable needs.

* Learning how to be Radically Honest, even when we don't want to hurt other people with our truth.

* Communicating our plans and needs in advance with our partner as a way of creating greater flow in our lives and Self-Care.

* Recognizing when we are using Radical Self-Care practices as a way to hustle for our worth,and to feel that we are "good enough".

* The reality of withdrawal and/or bitchiness on the journey to Radical Honesty

* The idea that we can often blame our partners for stuff we aren't doing for ourselves

* Phoebe's advice for women who are desiring to re-claim their personal power, and give love to themselves while in relationship. (or anytime).

Phoebe is currently teaching yoga classes in Arcata, California at Tosha Yoga, every Monday & Wednesday from 9-10:15am

Check out Phoebe's art on Etsy: Yantras By Phoebe

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