Episode 5: Longing for Connection, Freedom From Addiction, & Conscious Dating with Nikki Hicks


Thank you so much for joining me for another episode of IN{HABIT}.

I am so happy to bring you this interview with the lovely and inspiring Nikki Hicks. Nikki is my very talented hairstylist and a dear sister-friend. She is a meditator, she is devoted to a lifetime of discovering Self-Love, and she is a Water Protector.

In this interview we explore Nikki's journey of growing up surrounded by drugs and addiction, finding herself following in that same path, and her experience of desiring MORE from life and following the Light toward wellness and sobriety.


In this episode we explore:

* The relationship between loneliness, shame, lack of connection, and addiction.

* The fact that sobriety and a life of balance is not always cold turkey or linear.

* The importance of Radical Honesty in being free from addiction.

* The importance of being ok with ourselves, and being ok spending time alone with ourselves.

* The challenges of loss when making life changes regarding our wellness that ourfriends are not making in their lives.

* The power of tools and resources in a life of wellness.

* What it looks like to date as a woman who desires to have loving relationships, AND hold onto her Essential Self, and practice healthy boundaries.

* The idea that the people we are attracting are teaching us about ourselves, and showing us where we have unhealed wounds & patterns.

* The idea that the more we know who we are and what we are worth, the higher the quality of the people we attract.

Here are links to some of Nikki's favorite resources she mentioned in the show:




Water Protector's Page

Nikki's Facebook

The book Attached

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