Episode 12: Self Love, And Exploring What It's Like to Have a Body & How to Manage It with Hanna Anderson

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Today we have a deep, heart-full show all about the experience of being detached from ourselves and from life, disordered eating, and the other struggles that can be born from our pain. Our guest today is the lovely old soul Hanna Anderson.

Hanna is a sister, lover, daughter, and sociologist specializing in organic food systems. She is currently enjoying the privilege of homesteading off grid, allowing life to expand, and see what arises next on her path. Hanna has so much wisdom and insight to share, and I really hope you enjoy the show!


In this episode:

* Hanna's experience of coming into life feeling detached from herself & her life.

* Being hospitalized at age 14 for anorexia.

*Recovery as an explanation of "what it's like to have a body, and how to manage it".

* The "fit-girl cult"- often presented as healthy living in our culture.

* Hanna's investigation of food as our identity; exploring the why around the fact that not everyone has access to good food.

* Dr. Masaru Emoto's Water Experiment - (see video here)

* To be ignored is the worst of all.

* The emergence of Self-Love happens in glimmers & roller coaster patterns.

*The exhaustion of "managing" herself.

* The power of noticing and unraveling our patterns without judgement.

* The power of starting small when learning how to honor our own will.

* The truth that we have to let ourselves be seen & known in order to be honored and loved.

* Knowing its ok to not open up to everyone.

*The study of the Divine Feminine as a way to empower ourselves as Feminine Beings.

* Beauty ideals are fluid across time and culture.

* Hanna's favorite Radical Self-Care tools

* The power of Naked Time

Did something in this episode remind you of your own life journey?  Do you have stories to share? Are you wondering how to apply Radical Self-Care to a specific situation or relationship in your life?? 

Have you experienced being totally detached in yourself & your life? Have you struggled with disordered eating? I would love to hear your stories and share your experiences and questions on the show!

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