Episode 4: Showing Up for Life, Sobriety, & Gay Grief

Thank you for joining me for Episode 4 of Inhabit!

Our guest today is a dear friend and an inspiration! Teri C. is a world traveler & mother to a sweet Corgi called Maggie. She's a real estate agent, living in San Francisco with 15 years of sobriety.

Teri shares her journey of getting to know herself, being led to sobriety, & living through life-shattering loss & grief. Teri shares reflections on the painful challenges of losing a partner specifically in the gay and lesbian community.


(NOTE: Please forgive my virgin editing skills in this episode. I am still learning how to to piece audio together smoothly!)


In this episode:

* A story of addiction into sobriety & wellness.

* Addiction as a spiritual affliction.

* The experience of shame & self-loathing.

*The experience of great loss.

* Learning how to FEEL feelings.

* The experience of being gay, losing a partner, and being treated poorly and with a lack of sensitivity and kindness by your partner's family & friends.

* Insight into what is most helpful for someone dealing with tremendous grief & loss.

* Dealing with conflict with others, and behaviors that we find hurtful.

* Being present and doing our best no matter what life brings.


Did something in this episode remind you of your own life journey?  Do you have stories to share? Are you wondering how to apply Radical Self-Care to a specific situation or relationship in your life?? 

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xo, monica