Episode 3: Holly Gleaton & Addiction, Sobriety, & Transforming Guilt into Self-Love


Welcome back to another episode of INHABIT. Today our guest is a dear friend of mine, Holly Gleaton.  Holly is a beloved daughter, sister, wife, and mother of 2 gorgeous babies. She has a Christmas Day birthday and was the only female juggler in a children's juggling troupe from ages 10-12, and she can still juggle!

We share a powerful, vulnerable interview about her story of moving from anxiety, guilt, and addiction into true Self-Acceptance and Self-Love.

Note: The phone was a little glitchy on this call but I do hope you will bear with it because there is so much juicy goodness worth hearing in this interview!

Some of the stuff we discuss in this episode:

* How anxiety & depression can contribute to addiction.

* The fact that the healing path of sobriety can be many different paths, resources, and tools for many different kinds of people.

* The idea that we can be sober and still struggle with addiction to guilt, exercise, sex.

* Success looks different for everyone.

* Radical Self-Care is more than just exercise.

* The importance of being in the flow and having Plan A, B & C.

* How Holly stayed with herself & practiced having healthy boundaries while married to a man still struggling with alcohol addiction.

* Strengthening the ability to maintain emotional independence as Radical Self-Care, and not taking things personally and getting pulled into a downward spiral.

* The importance of feeling all of our feelings.

* The tendency for women to put other people's needs and feelings before their own needs and feelings.

* Holly's shift to scheduling her Self-Care time without feeling guilty.

* The role of loving community in Radical Self-Care, letting go of judgement, and embracing Self-Acceptance.

* Holly's tendency to fall into depression without Radical Self-Care, and all of the ways that affects her daily life with her family.

* The realization that we can accept and love ourselves just as we are; with all of our strengths and weaknesses.

* The danger of stuffing our emotions as women rather than feeling them.

* The importance of Radical Honesty and speaking our truth & being vulnerable.

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