Episode 9: Sex, Desire, & Long-Term Relationship with Grace Payne

Hello & welcome to episode 9 of IN{HABIT}!!

I am so happy to welcome Grace Payne to the show! Grace is a dear friend, a massage therapist, wife, mama to two dogs, and is currently falling in love with herbalism.

In this episode we explore some of the dynamics of love, sex, intimacy, and desire in long term relationships. This is a juicy episode! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

(NOTE: There was some glitching with the internet on this call, but I have edited it as best as I can & I hope you bear thru it to get to the juicy goodness of this interview!)


In this episode:

* The challenges of receiving love AND being a people pleaser.

*How challenging it is when we are learning to let in healthy love after over-giving and being in un-healthy love for so long.

* Exploring some of the challenges around long term relationships and maintaining emotional intimacy & sexual closeness.

* The benefits of scheduling in intimate time with our mate.

* The grumpiness of an under-fucked woman.

* The link between foreplay and maintaining desire & openness to sex.

* Doing it for the man occasionally vs. too much.

* The importance for women to know their own bodies, and discover their own pleasure zones.

* What happens when we focus TOO MUCH on our partner.

* How Grace started coming home to herself.

*The benefits of #LiftingMyLove for women.

*The importance of relaxation and pleasure for women.

*Grace's advice for women longing for more intimacy & a sexual spark.

And more....

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Did something in this episode remind you of your own life journey?  Do you have stories to share? Are you wondering how to apply Radical Self-Care to a specific situation or relationship in your life??  Have you rekindled your spark, or learned how to stay with yourself?

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xo, monica