Episode 8: The Freedom & Power of Your Sacred Sexuality with Lady Shepsa Jones

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I have a very special show for you today! The subject is sacred sexuality, and our guest is the lovely Lady Shepsa Jones. Lady Shepsa is a mother, poet, author, life-coach, and juju woman! I have had the great pleasure of working with Lady Shepsa and I am thrilled to have her here on the show!

Lady Shepsa shares about her experience discovering sacred sexuality as a path to her own healing, and how it has impacted every area of her life.  She shares about the power of often-forgotten Divine Feminine energy, and all the benefits activating it holds for women everywhere.

I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did!


In this episode:

* The power of the Divine Feminine, and correcting the idea that feminine energy is a weakness

* Sacred sexuality as true Self-Love and a release of guilt & shame.

*Re-claiming our sensual power as women

* What happens in relationships when a woman doesn't feel free, comfortable, and safe in her sensuality/sexuality.

* How to attract men who desire deep connection and want to make love to our entire bodies.

* Misconceptions around female sexuality, such as the black & white stereotypes of saint vs. whore

* The ways healthy sexuality enriches our lives

* What true sexual freedom really looks like

* How to tune into your sensual nature

And more....

Connect with Lady Shepsa Jones

Her website: Let Go Let Goddess

Her Orgasmic Breakthrough Program

Her fb page: Let Go Let Goddess on Facebook

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