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A One Year

Radical Self-Care Sisterhood Immersion


Are you a tired of feeling like a healthy, balanced life is unattainable? Do you feel a lingering emptiness no matter what you accomplish, or how much you achieve? Are you tired of being plagued with anxiety? Are you really experiencing the connection and inspiration you crave in your relationships? Is loving and accepting your body something you wish were possible, but feels out of reach? Are you ready to activate the fullness of your Being, even if you aren’t quite sure what that looks like yet? 

Become the most radiant and alive version of yourself! Learn the skills you need to inhabit lifelong Radical Self-Love, activated sensuality, a fully integrated professional life, and powerfully life-enhancing relationships while you show up fully, offering your deepest gifts to the world around you.

Discover & embody the Feminine Arts with the time & support you need to make life-long changes in this One Year Radical Self-Care Sisterhood Immersion.


You don't have to do it alone.

INHABIT gives you the time and support you need to actually apply the tools you learn, and overcome the challenges in your path.


Experience deep, life-changing learning through our format of live workshops, retreats, and on demand video lessons spread throughout the year-long immersion- without the hassle of traveling away from home.

Connect in our private online community (NOT Facebook based, yay!) You have constant access to me via this group format for exploring your issues and questions that arise with each new module.

Benefit from our twice monthly sisterhood circle group coaching calls to incorporate these tools into your life. We provide the ongoing support and accountability you need to make these new habits your own; as well as unpack the challenges that arise on a deep soul-journey such as this.

 We can go farther together than we can go alone!

IN{HABIT} One Year Radical Self-Care Sisterhood Immersion Curriculum:


  • One Year membership to our private virtual IN{HABIT} Community Lab gives you the opportunity to apply & embody the material from each module alongside like-minded Self-Love devotees! The Community Lab is our ongoing group coaching forum for asking specific questions, staying inspired, and receiving access to me and to other women on the journey. 


  • Twice monthly Sisterhood Circle Group Coaching Calls (24 calls in 12 months) will keep your learning fresh and up front in your life. Rather than letting the fire of inspiration die out after an energizing workshop or retreat, we will continue to unpack what it means to apply & embody the tools and insights to the many facets of our lives. These calls are your opportunity to share, ask questions, and get personalized coaching on an ongoing basis.  We are not just learning together, we are BECOMING together!



  • Module 1: Re-Claim Your Womb & Inhabit the Divine Feminine

Format:   4 hour Live Virtual Workshop

    Discover how to use the Jade/Yoni Egg practice to cultivate a truly unconditionally loving relationship with your body, womb, and sensuality, as well as activating your feminine power to CREATE and MANIFEST in your life! Re-claim your creative power. Heal the old messages around sexuality and femininity. Discover what it means to take responsibility for your vital eroticism and life-force energy with or without a sexual partner. Benefit from reduced stress, greater ability to relieve ongoing stress, and the use of your natural, inborn Feminine Energy to increase harmony in yourself and with the world all around you. The Jade/Yoni Egg practice is truly Holistic. It offers tremendous physical benefits such as pelvic floor strength, tone, blood flow, oxygenation, juiciness, and orgasmic activation. It also offers equally powerful mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits such as Self-Love, Self-Acceptance, womb awareness, Intentional Creation, increased love, respect, and connection to all women, greater peace, greater ability relax, greater ability to Trust in life.



  • Module 2: Sacred Life Skills, Rituals, & Practices

Format: 3 Months. Weekly Video Lesson + PDF’s + 6 hour Radical Self-Care Celebration Virtual Retreat

 Learn and apply the foundational skills of Radical Self-Care. We will discover, explore, and activate each of these powerful arts; becoming modern goddesses, fully embodying our deepest values in our normal daily lives.

  • The Art of Yearly Visioning
  • The Art of Boundaries
  • The Art of Financial Self-Care
  •  The Art of Intentional Resting
  •  The Art of Cultivating Pleasure
  • The Art of Letting go of Guilt & Shame
  • The Art of Sacred Scheduling
  • The Art of Empowered & Compassionate Communication
  • The Art of Clearing Limiting Patterns & Beliefs
  • The Art of Cultivating Your Essential Worthiness
  • The Art of Using Ritual in Daily Life
  • The Art of Yoga as a Physical & Spiritual Practice
  • The Art of Mediation as a Physical & Spiritual Practice
  • The Art of Food Medicine for Holistic Health
  • The Art of Sun/Moon Seasonal Wisdom for Health & Manifestation



  •  Module 3: Soul-Driven Business/Life Harmony & Integration

           Format: 2 Hour Live Virtual Workshop

Discover the beauty and power of giving your unique gifts to the world through your career/vocation of choice. Learn to integrate your Radical Self-Care skills into your work life and be amazed at your effectiveness, your magnetism, your productivity, and your overall success. Live your optimal life as a whole, radiant, unified woman!



  • Module 4: Relationships as a Spiritual Practice & a Gateway to Growth

Format: 2 Months. Weekly Video Lesson + Daily Emails with Reflections & Exercises + 2 Live Virtual Meditation Circles

        Discover the power of the feminine arts in your love relationships! Learn how to harmonize with your partner to reduce pain, conflict, and maintain a healthy sense of Self, all while increasing intimacy, sexual satisfaction, joy, fun, and TRUST with your partner. We will explore the seen and unseen dynamics of relationship through the lenses of:

  • Communication
  • Sex as a Spiritual Practice
  • Intimacy & Connection
  • Radical Honesty
  • Radical Self-Care in Relationship
  • How to Get What You Want & Give Your Partner What They Want
  • Conflicts and Wounds in the Past & Present
  • The Power & Importance of Personal Responsibility in Relationship
  • The Purpose and Benefits of Conscious Relating.

What's the investment for this program?

This One Year Immersion includes:


  • 365 day access to our IN{HABIT} Virtual Community Lab


  • Twice monthly Sisterhood Circle Group Coaching Calls (24 calls in 12 months)


  • 12 hours of Live Workshop & Virtual Retreat time (recorded for lifetime access)


  • Worksheets & PDF’s for each module that can be used again & again


  • 20 weeks of watch On-Demand Video Lessons (yours to keep for lifetime access)


  • 8 Weeks of Daily Email Reflections + Exercises in the Love & Relationships Module


  • 2 - 45 Minute Live Virtual Sisterhood Meditation Circle Gatherings (recorded for lifetime access)


  All for only $3,468!  Conveniently billed at a monthly investment of $289.


Do you desire even more specialized guidance & attention? The IN{HABIT} Immersion at the Master’s Level is perfect for you!

I've got you covered! The Inhabit Immersion at the Masters Level offers all of the rich content above plus includes an introductory 90 minute session, 2 hours of one-on-one coaching in video chat format each month, as well as a 30 minute S.O.S phone session for the freak out moments that arise.


The investment for the Master’s Level is $833 per month.

Requirements for the Immersion:


  • I am looking for women who want to participate actively and enjoy the Live Workshop/Retreat format. 


  • I am looking for women who are self-starters. Women who want to test the tools and practices for themselves and make the program their own.


  • I am looking for women who want to feel at ease, beautiful, radiant, free, activated, powerful, sensual, divinely feminine.


  • I am looking for courageous and brave women who are willing to be vulnerable and share their stories & experiences within the safety and privacy of our sisterhood community.


  • I am looking for women who want MORE from life, and who don’t want to settle.


  • I am looking for women who feel the fear, but are willing to take the risk of believing in themselves and their innate power. 


  • I am looking for women who know that they want to create a positive impact in the world. 


  • I am looking for women who are ready to break the chains of family patterns; addiction, co-dependancy, abuse, and self-deprecation that have been passed down generationally.


  • I am looking for women who may feel lost & without direction, but are ready to commit to their own greatness.


  • I am looking for women who have tried many dogmas, programs, and rules that never delivered the desired results in the long-term. 


  • I am looking for women who think outside the box, question everything, and resist being told who they are and what they “should” do and be. 


  • I am looking for women who may be classic over-achievers and/or recovering perfectionists


  • I am looking for women who are “too much”. Emotionally, sexually, relationally, ambitiously…. I want all of your “too much-ness” front and center in this program!


  • I am looking for women who are lonely and longing for deep relationships with like-minded sisters.

Does this sound like you? Is this Immersion exactly what you’ve been looking for? Enrollment opens soon, but you can submit your application now.

Sign up below to apply for enrollment to IN{HABIT}: A One Year Radical Self-Care Sisterhood Immersion! 

I can't wait to get started!

Fill out the application below. Let me know a little bit about you and why you think you are a good fit for the Immersion and for our Community. I will personally respond to each and every applicant.  Thank you for your life. For your time. For your Spirit, and for your Presence in the world. I can't wait to make magic with you!

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