5 Evenings. 

Gather with other Feminine Beings.

Re-Claim, Restore, Energize.

7:30 - 9:30pm

Thursday, February 7th- March 7th


During our five evenings together, we are going to deep dive into the practices I love to share (and am personally devoted to) for their effectiveness at creating health and harmony for feminine-of-center beings who are literally giving every dropof love and energy they have to others- every. single. day.


This includes:

  • Dancing

  • Stretching

  • Foundational Jade Egg Practice

  • Witnessing & Being Witnessed

  • Connection



My intention is that at the end of our time together you will achieve these objectives and more:


  • Feel comfortable and confident to release excess energy of stress, fear, impatience, self-criticism, and avoidance of the present moment when you become aware you are out of harmony & balance.


  • Have greater compassion for yourself after witnessing your own struggles and challenges are present in many, if not all of us women- even though we historically have not been able to be open & honest about these challenges.


  • Have created a new feeling of relaxation and presence that you can use as a baseline for checking in with yourself in the future.


  • Have a new and deeper sense of love, acceptance, and appreciation for your body and her innate wisdom.


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** I will have Jade Eggs available for purchase if you choose to add an Egg to your practices! All exercises can be performed without the egg, making it completely optional ♥️