I'm Monica.

 Iā€™m the Creatress of IN{HABIT}, a brand of Radical Self-Care technology for women that reactivates total creative agency and power over their lives from the inside out.

Using Deep Coaching and this technology, women reclaim their ability to choose to live their true purpose and unique inborn desires, radical honesty, total health & wellness, healthy (even thriving) relationships, and self-love that impacts the texture of everything in her life now & into the future.

IN{HABIT} Deep Coaching is everything I wish someone had shared with me when I was soaked in shame (both consciously and unconsciously), always somehow feeling like a fraud, choosing the wrong men, broke yet working hard, anxious & depressed, trapped on a hamster wheel of hating my body no matter how many healthy habits I cultivated, feeling burdened & crushed by the pain in the world, feeling pressure to say yes to things and people even when my plate was full, and generally believing I was damaged, scarred, and broken on a fundamental level.

IN{HABIT} Deep Coaching offers a holistic lifestyle solution for women who are ready to stop looking outside for what has always been within, and to share that grace & confidence within their sphere of influence.

I also have podcast for women, with new episodes out every other Tuesday. It's called IN{HABIT}:The Art of Radical Self-Care. It is a raw and juicy show exploring the addictions, struggles, and challenges we face as women, and how we use the many facets of Radical Self-Care to transform them. You can subscribe to the show on iTunes ( the or google play app) for android. Just download the podcast app, search for INHABIT, and click subscribe.

Monica Ballard: Bio

Monica lives among the fog, ferns & magical redwoods of Humboldt County, California on the majestic coast of the Pacific Ocean with her wonderful partner, 9 year old son, and a brand new baby boy who just joined the family in June 2017.

Before becoming a coach, Monica learned how to connect deeply and meaningfully with people, helping them to heal their bodies and revitalize their spirits with her own unique blend of Integrative Massage.  

She created a thriving private practice with the best clients in the world, for 12 years as a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist specializing in Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy (barefoot massage using oil & the aid of bars on the ceiling), 1st degree Reiki Practitioner, and masterful listener

It was during these years of working so closely one on one with people that Monica realized she wanted to expand the conversations she was having to include even more simple, powerful, life-changing pro-active healing experiences with, and for her clients. 

This led her to become a certified yoga instructor in 2012. She fell madly in love with leading people back into their bodies and to the essence of their being through yoga breath, movement, and uplifting words.

It was natural evolution for Monica to begin coaching women on how to activate their personal creative power starting within themselves, and spilling over into the whole circle of their lives using Radical Self-Care. Her favorite thing in the world is to watch people come alive with the recognition of their wholeness (holiness), goodness, and worth, and to create a thriving, meaningful life; the life of their chosen dreams.

Walking her own path of embodiment, as well as listening to, and working with women for so many years guided Monica in creating the INHABIT system of Radical Self-Care technology; a holistic collection of tools, exercises, disciplines, mindsets, and practices applied within the loving, alchemical support of community. 

She is absolutely thrilled to be enrolled in the Ambassador Program with Dr. Saida Desilets, deepening her wisdom for serving women in reclaiming their sexual sovereignty, graduating September 2019 as a certified Desilets Method Jade Egg Ambassador.